Area Code 609

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Area code: 609
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
18, Aug. 2017

These people call me weekly asking for money. It's always a woman and it's always a BS line about "OH You're so hard to reach!" Well b___ maybe that's because I'm working hard to pay my OWN debt from cancer! I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling and they still call. Scam.

16, Aug. 2017

Unsolicited call

16, Aug. 2017

calls everyday

16, Aug. 2017

Very helpful your comment since I am actually in contact with her, can you give me a call at 6787079734. Thanks

Tired of Spam Calls
15, Aug. 2017

A recorded vice "Hello, I've been trying to reach you to get you your medical alert . .." I hung up.

14, Aug. 2017

called but left no message, i called back and no pick up ..very suspicious number

Tired of Spam Calls
8, Aug. 2017

This is the old "medical alert" scam. This was left on my phone because I don't answer unknown or unsolicited calls, "And that's all may be the last. Don't be a statistic. Press one now to receive a medical alarm at no cost. Press one now or press nine to opt out."

5, Aug. 2017

They are calling to renew a magazine subscription you have thru Hoffman publishing.....sounds like a sales rip too me!!

1, Aug. 2017

Everybody knows "Do Not Call" does NOT Work. Try "No More Robot Calls" @ It's a no fee service (for VoiP land lines), eliminated 95 % of my Spam. Check the site . . . it explains how it works and it costs nothing (for land lines) ! [And No, I don't have stock in the company, but I wish I did!]

John B
28, Jul. 2017

did not answer, but got two (2) calls from different area codes in NEW JERSEY and I know no one there. 609-571-4000 7-28-17and 201-251-6652 7-27-17

14, Jul. 2017

Said I won a free trip to Las Vegas or Orlando and a fire tablet. She wants us to call back and we won it from a concert we saw September 2016.

12, Jul. 2017

Nobody responds...they call several times a day. Definitely some type of scam!

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