Phone: 609-662-0090

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Cranbury, New Jersey
Its exchange 662 is managed by PAETEC COMMUNICATIONS, INC. -
The number is currently on switch number CMDNNJCEX2X (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 57% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 7 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Vehicle Processing Center, not sure"
12, Aug. 2013

Not complaining just reporting: they are calling to offer opportunity to extend the warranty on our 2007 Jeep. When I said we did not buy it new with a warranty but used in a dealership liquidation she hung up.

3, Dec. 2013

This number literally calls me every single day for months around 530 or 6, and i answer just for s***s and giggles, 90% of the time they dont say anything, today (after already in a bad mood) i answer and they actually say something, lady wasint makeing any sense, calling me a different name, acting like she had the wrong number, i kept asking, ''what the hell do you want, you call every f***ing day, what do u want, what are you selling? i dont f***ing want to buy anything from you" the lady kept saying ''is this jack'' i said ''nooo, what the f do you want? and she said 3 time, ''i think we're getting disconnected'' i say ''no were not, stop calling me, you call every d**n day of the week at the same time everyday, stop calling, i dont want anything from you'' the caller id always says ''cranberry, nj'' also i tryed calling the number for the hell of it, and there voicemail says no business name, and that office is open from (i think) 9-4 pacific time. and what dont make sense is its supposedly in NJ and that is EASTERN time. im in NJ also. i hate these people, just thought i would throw my input out there.

10, Jan. 2014

This number called today concerning the warranty on a vehicle that I own. They spoke in broken english, hard to understand, asked for the milage of my vehicle, I did not give them any info. I requested the name of the company the represented but I never could get the info. I ended the phone call and contacted my car dealer who tried to contact them at 609-662-0090 but got no answer.

22, Jan. 2014

received a call from this # today. Spoke very broken english, said it was about my vehicle warranty. Asked me how many miles were on it and I said I didn't know and he hung up.

31, Jan. 2014

Extended warranty company, as others have indicated. They are idiots. I called my dealership to complain but they said it is the DMV who lets these companies (maybe by law) get access to our vehicle records.

11, Feb. 2014

Received call today, took a few seconds for them to start speaking after I answered with lots of background noise, like a cramped telemarketing desk. They spoke broken English and asked about the mileage on my jeep. When I asked who they were and what company they were with they hung up.

13, Feb. 2014

Rec'd call for several days and they hang up when the answering machine picks up. I called back 5 minutes after they called and I reached an answering machine that stated the office is closed and to call back Mon through Fri between 7am-4pm. I called them back at 1pm.

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