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18, Oct. 2016

UPDATE: 02/12/2016: Consumer called to report a phone number.

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2, Aug. 2016

almost every day at same time for more than two weeks, this company call us from a recorded phone.

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28, Jul. 2016

When I finally track this down I am going to kick the camel fucking bastards ass.

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20, Jun. 2016

They have called multiple times a day (3 to 7 times) and don't leave any messages, They were very hostile and threatening to women.

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23, Apr. 2016

Keep calling and never leave a message. It is totally annoying and harassment.

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20, Apr. 2016

Scammer don't answer also rude SCAMMERS.

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6, Apr. 2016

they call in the evening when we are having SUPER.

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31, Mar. 2016

if I gave them my credit card info.

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24, Mar. 2016

message on machine re: pension, IRS, court action.

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20, Feb. 2016

they never say anything or hang up on me.

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26, Nov. 2015

calling to remortgage my property will not accept no for an answer insists i speak to their broker wiil not reveal who they are working for

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10, Apr. 2015

I received numerous calls over several days from this company from this phone number and others.

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9, Apr. 2015

I informed him I have my information from when I registered.

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30, Jan. 2015

Calling from a Google Voice number - no answer, goes into automated, generic voicemail. No one will call back.

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10, Jan. 2015

Message was regarding an electric discount

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8, Jan. 2015

I had indicated on numerous occessions for the harrassing phone calls to ceaste.Please assist me.

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16, Dec. 2014


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8, Nov. 2014

No message left, called back, recording stated that this is no longer a working number.

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5, Nov. 2014

This number calls and then simply disconnects after I answer. I called them back and was immediately prompted to remove my number from the call list if I chose to. I pressed 1 and that was it. Hopefully it works.

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16, Oct. 2014

Continuous automatic calls from unknown source.

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22, Sep. 2014

They wanted me to invest in oil and gas leases in Texas. Yeah, right.

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3, Jul. 2014

I have no idea who this was that called. I don't answer #'s that I don't recognize.

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1, Jul. 2014

Company has been calling me for months. Uses different phone numbers. This one said it was a California cell phone so I answered it.

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17, Jun. 2014

Calls. Hangs up. No message.

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11, Jun. 2014

We keep getting calls. We keep reporting but nothing gets done.

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9, May. 2014

Calls every day about three pm ... we know not a soul in AC and this number is unknown to us.

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12, Apr. 2014

This was another recorded call. The only option offered was to speak to a person, not to opt out. When I have spoken to a person from one of these calls in the past to opt out, he proceeded to curse me and quickly hang up.

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26, Mar. 2014

This number has been calling me 3xs a day. Finally picked it up & said hello, they were just repeating what I said. Then asked are you the one that hit my car. I hung up.

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19, Mar. 2014

Update: This person who says he's calling from the Dept. of Financial Fraud leaves a call back number of 609-318-3336. I paid for the Intellius report on this number and Intellius could not find any information. I've called this number at all hours; never answers and always the recording of "lines are temporarily busy, please try again later." Person will never reach me.

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12, Mar. 2014

Scam caller shows on ID as unknown, gives this number as callback - locked up our switchboard on & off for three days in a row becoming more beligerent & obscene. Calls stopped after we began trasnferring him back to 609-318-3330.

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26, Feb. 2014

Has called several times. Does not say anything when the call is answered. Leaves no message. I suspect it's just a telemarketer

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25, Feb. 2014

This is the third call I have received from this company. They always use a different number. I have reported each of the numbers they use. Please stop these people. Using my cell phone minutes.

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30, Jan. 2014

Will not remove my number from list

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28, Jan. 2014

Call Back reveals person answering "Thank-you for calling Royal Bahamas Cruise Lines". It is a real person. No idea how they obtained my phone number, but they persist in calling repeatedly despite being told specifically to stop calling, remove me from your calling list, etc. Obviously these people don't understand the same english the rest of us do.

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10, Jan. 2014

From Texas they called me last night I didn't answer.. Have nothing better to do right now besides school so I commented... Just a scam

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8, Jan. 2014

I got 3 seconds of static on vm too

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3, Dec. 2013

Coventry Health Care...this person called and said I was not in system...she asked for birth year...and I am sorry to say...I gave it to her. She then said I was not in the Coventry system and said she would call back...never did. Was I scammed for information?

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1, Nov. 2013

They are calling every day!

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29, Oct. 2013

third call today from this company!

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23, Oct. 2013


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20, Aug. 2013

Calls at 1:58pm 8/20/2013 As soon as I answer, i hear a beep and it hangs up. Annoying!!

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5, Aug. 2013

Quick internet search shows they're scammerspretending to call from a PC company re: people's computers.

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5, Aug. 2013

These people continually call us. I have asked them many times not to call, and one called me a bad name before hanging up. I do not qualify for their services and again ask them not to call. I just received another call today.

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3, Aug. 2013

They called again!

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24, Jul. 2013

When answered caller talks so low can't hear them then hangs up

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21, Jun. 2013

This is the second recorded message I have received. She says it is urgent that I return her call.

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20, Jun. 2013

They call my number sometimes. I have follow the direct to take my number off the list. Please help this has got to stop.

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22, May. 2013

likely SPAM.

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7, May. 2013

I got a call from this number today. No message. I called it back and recieved a message it was a collection agency. There was no way to leave a message, or contact anyone. I'm sure this is not a liget business.

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6, May. 2013

Got a call from this number a few min ago (May6, 2013, 11am). Same experience as above (i.e. telling me I completed an online survey in which I apparently marked I was interested in job offers). I kept asking what survey but it was always followed by long silence and then basically repeating the same info without actually answering my question (i.e. "is this not accurate that you want to hear about job offers). SCAM/FRAUD, clearly. He ended up saying something about a Wallmart survey, and hung up when I said I never completed an online survey for them.

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30, Apr. 2013

An excerpt from their voice mail: Mortgage modified and renegotiated with your lender to make your payments more affordable. To see if you qualify for this program please press one now or press nine now if you are not a home owner or to be removed from our list. Press one to enroll in this program to lower your mortgage now or press nine to be removed from our list. It is important that lenders do everything possible to keep you when you're home. Press one to start the process of reducing your payments on your mortgage.