Area Code 607

Additional information:

Area code: 607
State: New York
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!!!

15, Feb. 2018

do not know the number and they dont leave any message.

15, Feb. 2018

I asked them to stop to no avail.

15, Feb. 2018

It should be against the law for this Card Services group to fake out the caller id.

14, Feb. 2018

They also called on 12/26/2013.

14, Feb. 2018

The one time I answered it was a recorded message saying that I won a personal alert alarm or something similar.

14, Feb. 2018

I asked to speak to a manger and was refused.

14, Feb. 2018

I'm very tired of this.

14, Feb. 2018

Received this phone number in a letter from Ask Market LLC. Letter enclosed a Cashiers Check for $2,995.00 from the Point Loma Credit Union. Letter requested that I be a "Secret Shopper" at a local Walmart. Called the Point Loma Credit Union about the check to see if it was good. Was advised by the Point Loma Credit Union that the check was fake. If you get this type of letter do not cash check and do not send the sender any money.

13, Feb. 2018

She quickly hung up on me.

13, Feb. 2018

I answered because its in my area code.

Joe Blow
13, Feb. 2018

Some scam company with telephone # in Cortland NY telling me my family had been selected for a wonderful cruise. I pressed 1 for more information and then proceeded to blast the scammer’s eardrums with my burglar alarm system that is loud enough to wake the dead.

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