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28, Sep. 2017

Why is someone running for local office in Manchester, NH, calling me in Manchester, NH, from a Connecticut number?

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23, Jun. 2015

SXM Radio 607-358-7305 was the caller ID for 2 weeks, no pattern, no message. "UNKNOWN" has been the ID since 6/22. Even called in the evening on Father's Day...

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19, Dec. 2014

A man that could speak english well called and when i answered he informed me he was calling concerning my job registration. I asked him how he got my cellphone number and he hung up on me.

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2, Dec. 2014

I got this number fro a facebook post for a missing teen also. looked upthe number and it was related to a zumba class in elmira ny and also associated with a county that is split in pennsylvania. not passing it on. but i sure hope this is not for real.

Gene Ovese
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21, Mar. 2012

This number called and immediately put me on hold and said "wait for a representative to answer" with loud music in the background. I waited for 2 minutes and hung up.