Area Code 606

Additional information:

Area code: 606
State: Kentucky
Country: USA
16, Apr. 2018

Another recent call was from 3095858044.

16, Apr. 2018

This has gotten ridiculous and the more I register, the more strange calls I receive.

13, Apr. 2018

I have received calls from this number daily for weeks, and I asked them not to call and I am on the do not call list and they hang up.

9, Apr. 2018

Calls from this number does not leave a message on the machine, I have no idea who they are and I don't do business with anyone with that number

5, Apr. 2018

They called me too. The IRS will not call you and say this over the phone. If there is an issue they notify you by mail.

3, Apr. 2018

the number is no longer in service.

3, Apr. 2018

theses calls start after I receive a call from credit acceptance

2, Apr. 2018

I work from home occasionally and the phone rings at least once every hour with such calls, despite this number having been registered since 2005.

26, Mar. 2018

We received 2 calls on 12/2/13 from Honeywell but I talked to them only on the second call.

23, Mar. 2018

unknown business and will not leave msg on answering machine.

22, Mar. 2018

I wish you would do something about calls like these.

22, Mar. 2018

Add this number to the hundreds of other numbers that also continue to call and my phone just never stops ringing.

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