Area Code 606

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Area code: 606
State: Kentucky
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2018

Called on Aug 8 and did not leave a message. Googled number and read complaints whycallme webpage.

17, Aug. 2018

She only uses the her cell phone for emergencies, since her monthly plan is $15, it does not allow many minutes for talking.

15, Aug. 2018

I received TWO phone calls from this number within less than 2 hours.

7, Aug. 2018

calling my parents ask for me, some education.......cannot understand and say on a recorded line, please give us the number you originally registered with us. I never heard of them. NOT giving my information to them.

2, Aug. 2018

This number is a Cellphone & when I look it up, it shows my exact address location. This is NOT MY NUMBER. Checking further the calls are from Canada, Las Vegas & Ohio. Blocked

2, Aug. 2018

They called yesterday using 3306798831 and today using 3306798060, wanting to sell medical alert system.

1, Aug. 2018

Scam !

25, Jul. 2018

I already filed a complaint This telemarker is calling every day at 3:00pm offering coupons if an account is open with them.

24, Jul. 2018

I asked this company not to call me and John refused at first to remove me from his call list.

20, Jul. 2018

This time I did not answer and he called out my name like I was screening calls.

20, Jul. 2018

This is the second time they have called in the past week.

6, Jul. 2018

This is a call from Sirius XM

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