Area Code 605

Additional information:

Area code: 605
State: South Dakota
Country: USA
22, Mar. 2018

CHASE has also called from tel#'s 2105200004, 8474886000 and 4077771088

21, Mar. 2018

This was a recorded message, I do not know the name of the company, hung up after about 10 seconds

21, Mar. 2018

Said we have been trying to reach you. Last and finally noticed (Same thing!) IRS filing lawsuit against you.

20, Mar. 2018

Posing as "Community Research Inc" conducting market research for WalMart. Wants you to be a secret shopper. Sends you a large check to deposit into your bank account, then wants you to wire the money back as a test of the WalMart2WalMart money transfer. Any google search will tell you this is a common scam! The check is fraudulent and will bounce, with you losing over a thousand dollars. Block this number if it calls you, do not answer!

20, Mar. 2018

It is a recorded message and tells you to press 1 to speak with an agent, if you do that it hangs up on you.

19, Mar. 2018

an organization claiming to fix your computer. I you allow them to check it, they will lock you down and cause you to hire a guru of your choice to wipe them out and then you can use your computer again.

17, Mar. 2018

This company claims to be collecting a debt.

16, Mar. 2018

This is the 6th time they have called after I tell them to take off my name

14, Mar. 2018

There is never a message from this number.

14, Mar. 2018

This is likely a spoofed call. That is a fake number represented on your caller id. It is most like a scam. I would say 95% certain. Do not answer unknown calls. Any legit caller leaves a message. If it is from anyone you do not personally know forget it. The IRS does not call you. They send inquiries in the mail to which you can respond in the mail.

14, Mar. 2018

This group called this phone number 15 times in a 30 day period.

13, Mar. 2018

SIX phone calls which disconnect when the answering machine picks up-dead silence when I answer.

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