Area Code 605

Additional information:

Area code: 605
State: South Dakota
Country: USA
25, May. 2018

It appeared computer generated call, with live person coming on line after a few seconds of silence.

25, May. 2018

They had my phone number and some relatives names.

24, May. 2018

This number came from someone texting me through my (deceased) father's facebook page, AS my father. I don't know how he hacked into the account. It's frightening.

22, May. 2018

Provide following info: Ronny Johnson call back 877-593-2995 2157 Eveningside Drive Riverside

15, May. 2018

Got a call saying they are updating our records for the Chamber of Commerce. Definitely a scam of some sort!

15, May. 2018

I get a bogus call from many of the 605682xxx numbers and it’s usually some screeching girl telling me thT I have been chosen for something. I keep blocking these numbers but they keepcalling( same screecher) using different numbers .... same prefix same 682 saying kimball. Which is my town. It’s a bunch of bull!!!!!when I call back it is busy or out of order!!’ I JUST REDIALED THIS NUMBER AND AMAZINGLY “ it’s no longer in service!!!! 5 minutes ago the scammers were phoning me!!!! Aggravating me to no end. I’d sue them if I u could find out who they were!!!! BEWARE PEOPLE. THIS IS A SCAMMER!!!!

14, May. 2018

a code number came up -I had to ask for the company calling and their phone number

14, May. 2018

They call me every single day.

14, May. 2018

This company called me from a different number this time.

12, May. 2018

The company always calls with the same message and never tells what they want - just that i need to call them back.

11, May. 2018

They call,no one will say anything,maybe having some mental problems?

10, May. 2018

Seems "Rachel" wants to help me restructure my student loan. Says I called her for assistance with debt. I'm 50+ years old, student loans have been paid off for over 30 years.

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