603-718-1050 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "Daniel Kalliger, KWC Marketing/ northeast getaways"
  • Around 35% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
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Worried Mom
19, Oct. 2011

OH my God! Did anyone else get a call from this number? I’m afraid I might have been scammed! They called my house everyday and by the time I picked up, the woman practically screamed I won round trips tickets for 4 to any destination in the US. I remembered signing up for an online contest an I thought that was it. And I’m telling you, the woman was very professional and deceiving. She managed to talk me into giving my credit card number so they could charge it $100 to confirm my identity. I didn’t notice if it was too much for a pre-authorization charge, anyway it will be returned to my account within 24 hours, depending on how fast the charge goes through. So everything went smoothly, the woman gave me a valid address, phone number and their company name. I don’t want to do anything silly like post their information on blog sites like here because I’m not sure yet. But I’ve heard this kind of scam is prevalent and I might be a victim. Oh god, I hope not. But did anyone receive a call like it?

wind surfer Kelly
19, Oct. 2011

i got a call from this number 3 times. i never answer because i don't recognize it. is this legit? i checked on this thru Google and to your post Worried Mom. When did you received the call?

pure baloney
19, Oct. 2011

I'm afraid you got scammed. and i agree with you, worried mom. i got to speak to a woman and she did sound well on the phone. like someone with authority. similar story with yours, and if i didn't know any better, i would fallen for the trick, too. report them to the police.though i can't be sure if you'd get you're money back. and if i were you, i'd check on my cc account right away.

24, Feb. 2012

Its a time share....you must have signed up for a contest somewhere that wasn't a real contest but just a way to get your number. If it sounds too good to be true it is. Just hang up.

Carol Patterson
3, Mar. 2012

No Comment

3, Mar. 2012

I received a call yesterday from this number. It is Northeast Gateways. (not a typo it is gateways not getaway). Told me I have won 4 airplane tickets to many destinations in the US and Mexico from a contest I entered at a home show. We did put our name in some but not sure this was one of them.. I was asked to go to a web site and register for a hotel in Falmouth at a scheduled time with an overnight stay and was quoted as saying I had to buy nothing. I believe this is a time share pitch. Should I go and just not buy anything do you think they would still give me the tickets or is there a catch here as well? I was not asked for a credit card.

7, Mar. 2012

I have gotten several calls from this number...today was the 4th time I told them to stop calling...a "supervisor" got on the line and kept pushing and pushing for me to take the free trip that I won in a contest that I told him I never entered....he was rude and will not take me off their calling list...I called back and spoke to a manger who also kept trying to give me "free" overnight stays...There has to be a way to get them to stop...

7, Mar. 2012

John, I wouldn't do it, I know I didn't enter anything...this is a scam...

8, Mar. 2012

I got a call from the number this morning and a lady offered me free tkts, free food and free stay. It was too good and I think it is a scam. I never entered in any contests...

10, Mar. 2012

These people have been calling both my cell phone and home phone for three days straight. I have no idea where they got my information. I just keep ignoring them when I see them on my caller id. Most people will usually stop after a week or two.

15, Mar. 2012

Patrick 15 Mar 2012 You think getting calls from them is bad....i have something even worse for you all. I used to work for them had to go home cause i had a family emergency across the country, last minute couldn't be helped. Called them for my last check for both myself and my wife.....Two months down the road still not paid. Message I was given, they had to cancel the checks to reissue them to send to us. Here I sit still not paid still no check. If they do this to their former employees no telling what they will do to you. Yes I do hope they see this post I am completely pissed off. I was told i would get my check quickly and yet...nothing. Filled our taxes, heck the federal government was even faster and they MAILED the check. Simply put, it does not take two months plus to cancel and reissue a payroll check, unless you are taking the hard work both me and my wife did before we had to unexpectedly leave and reduce it to min wage...7.25 an hour. We worked 6 days a week and sometimes 5 days a week. Even worked doubles and yet when something family wise happens, they c**p on us. So lesson learned never work for them. I wouldn't even go to the presentations if i were you. If they treat their former employees this way what do you think they will do to you? Caller: 603 718 1050

19, Apr. 2012

We had filled out an entry form for a free trip at a recent home show (March 2012) in a hotel in Stamford, CT. They left a message and I called back "Casey" at 603-718-1050 who said I won 4 free round-trip airfares. I could hear many voices in the background akin to a “boiler room” operation. I asked to see the contract in writing and she said the email they send once you set up an appointment has a confirmation number on it so they can't send it until you actually make the appointment (which is a few hours away in the next state to begin with!). So I said to take the number off and then email me. She said the computer automatically sends it so she can't do that. Then I said to print it out, remove the confirmation number and either fax or mail it to me since they already have my address. She talked to her manager who said they can't do that. I told her this is a big scam and they certainly know it since they can’t give me any details in writing prior to us attending a 90 minute (and some have said it lasted 4 hours) presentation. Again she spoke with her manager who said they can’t send me anything in writing beforehand. When I went to the website address she gave me, www.northeastgetaways.com, I only saw one page that doesn’t say very much other than AFTER you go through the sales pitch do you actually see the documents (at which time it’s too late to not do business with them). I asked “Casey” why they’d give away something as high-valued as 4 R.T. airfares (she said it’s actually worth $6000 which makes it $1500 a ticket – three to six times more than I’ve ever paid to travel just about anywhere in the lower 48) just to listen to a sales pitch when you could easily fill a room with financially qualified volunteers just by giving them, say, $200 (or even $50 in this economy). She said that’s how the company does business. Uh, huh. Anyone have a bridge for sale? They are also known as KWC Marketing LLC (category “Telemarketing Services” per the BBB), 32 Daniel Webster Hwy., unit #27 in the Harris Pond Office Park in Merrimack, NH 03054 (paying somewhere around $12 per square foot). Their phone is listed as 877-819-5072 and the fax is 508-957-1808 (this is actually in their Mass. office). According to the Better Business Bureau, the business was started 7/1/11 (a day earlier - 6/30/11 - per the NH Secretary of State). In Feb. and March of 2012, they’ve had 3 complaints to the BBB (“Advertising & Sales Issues”) and all three cases have been closed. The BBB lists these contacts: Kevin - kcurran@northeastgetaways.com, and the Marketing Manager Justin Theriault. They have a “B-Minus“ rating from the BBB (on a scale of A+ to F). They are not accredited by the BBB, but they might not have sought accreditation. Now, if your company is on the up-and-up and going to be around for the long term, seeking and being granted BBB accreditation would be a feather in your cap. BBB has criteria they use to determine if a business can even get accreditation. When I checked KWC Marketing, LLC (which is also known as Inn Season Resorts) with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office, I found their business Status is “Not in Good Standing”. The principal office address is 17 Olde English Lane, Gilford, NH 03246, which is also the office address of the Registered Agent Kevin W. Curran. The website registrant for Northeastgetaways.com is Curran Management Services, 212 Mid Tech Drive, West Yarmouth, MA 02673. The Administrative and Technical contact for their domain is ajones@innseason.com of InnSeason Resorts at 508-957-1885; fax is 508-957-1818. This domain was created on 7/14/2011. InnSeason is listed in the Massachusetts Secretary of State records with these names: InnSeason Management, Inc. and InnSeason Vacation Club, LLC. The president is William Curran at the Gilford, NH address. It looks like you’re dealing with six companies here: Northeastgetaways.com, KWC Marketing LLC, Curran Management Services, InnSeason Resorts, InnSeason Management, and InnSeason Vacation Club LLC and all seem to be headed by the same person, William Curran. Northeastgetaways.com’s Caller ID says “Gateways Northe…” – yet another name (see a pattern here?). Note that the fax listed for the NH office is actually in MA – probably at InnSeason Resorts since their fax number is almost the same. The New Hampshire office is about an hour away from where William Curran lives. As an aside, several times I’ve received (illegal) spam faxes from a company (I don’t know if it’s them or a similar outfit) that’s offered numerous round trips plus cruises and vacation stays. You know the saying “If it’s too good to be true …” These companies rely on greed and ignorance to get people to fall for their pitches. When I asked the company who faxed me the offer (and the fax was made to look like it came from a business’ travel department and being sent internally to their employees), I asked for something in writing. They said they couldn’t mail it in time since I’d have to attend a presentation that evening or the next morning. So I asked them to fax it to me but they said their fax was down. And of course, they wouldn’t email me a copy of the contract either. If you’re reading this do not think you will EVER get these benefits without shelling out money one way or another. For example, to use the airfare, they may require you to stay at a preferred hotel where the rate would be many times higher than if you booked it yourself directly with the hotel. There are many variations of this scam; hence, they will NEVER give you a copy of the contract in writing until it’s too late! What legitimate company do you know that would refuse to show you the terms prior to making a deal? When you look on the back of the entry form you filled out (assuming you did), there is language that says you agree to accept their calls even if you’re on a Do Not Call list. Of course, once you tell them to take you off after that, they have to (if they follow the law). If they keep calling even after you tell them to remove you, contact your state’s Dept. of Consumer Protection and the Attorney General’s office as well as those offices in their states: NH and MA. You can Google this information. Also send a complaint to the FCC and the FTC (again, Google this). Please let your state and federal legislators know – give them the facts and how their calls are causing you grief even after you tell them to stop. Ask them to pass state and federal laws requiring Full Disclosure right up front (which these companies do NOT want!). I’ve done all of the above. When enough people complain (especially during election season), the powers that be may listen and do something. When I researched the two company names on the ‘net, I only saw complaints from consumers. Many companies will do business, then shut down after enough complaints pour in to agencies, and pop up under a new name. Notice how this one just started mid-2011 even though I was told they’ve been around for a long time. There are some great consumer gurus on radio and TV – Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey are two you can trust and learn a lot from. Christopher Elliott (on the web, newspapers, and magazines) is another one. Clark is my favorite for this kind of issue, however. You’ll hear him (and the other consumer guys) repeatedly talk about what a horrible idea it is to purchase vacation club memberships, concierge services, timeshares, and the like. Many of their callers say they can’t even give away their timeshares! Just remember: Greed and Ignorance are how many of these companies get customers (“a fool and his money …”). Stay away! Why won’t the telemarketers send out a FULL copy of a contract showing EXACTLY what you will get, what you need to do to receive it (where their presentation is and what is the maximum length of the program you have to sit through), what fees are involved, and what else do you need to purchase to make use of the so-called “freebies”. Finally, BEWARE of anyone who wants to see your credit card when they’ve just told you that you needn’t pay any money. Your driver’s license is a legally valid photo-ID. Why would they want to see your card as even people with poor credit have credit cards? Are they going to make a copy of your card number? Put duct tape over the card’s numbers if they really need to see that you have a card. And if they want your credit card number so they can “confirm your identity”, R-U-N! I’d like to read a contract that PUTS EVERYTHING IN WRITING that we can see beforehand. They’ll promise you the moon over the phone because in a court of law, you have no proof of anything they said. Demand to see EVERYTHING IN WRITING beforehand, but of course, they will NEVER do this because no one would attend! The people that do attend these, according to the consumer gurus I mentioned, are for the most part greedy and ignorant. There are so many red flags being raised all I can say is educate yourself and tell everyone you know so they don’t fall into these traps. Follow-up: They called again and hung up when they got the answering machine (from the same number, 603-718-1050).

Enough is Enough
1, May. 2012

If its such a great deal, they why do they have to call every day after I've said no thank you nicely 10 times. Then they wonder why I'm upset!!!

14, May. 2012

Total scam, They ask people to come to claim their gift and for that you have to go a brainwash session of 90 min. Just block their number those people are h......le

8, Jun. 2012

I got the same phone from the number 603-718-1050 saying I won 4 air plane tickets. I went to Central Florida Home & Gardenshow at Orlando Convention Center and entered for Home Depot GiftCard. I saw many forms already in the clear box. I am sure they are also scammed by them. The sales person became rude and impolite after telling them I can't make it to pick up the tickets. She said "We will pass this prize to someone else if you can't come this weekend". The normal business company would never said something like this. You have to realize that this is scam when they start talking rude. I'm worried that they would sell my personal information including address, name, age and income written on the form. The other number is 1877-819-5072.

17, Jun. 2012

I just received a call from this number and a guy asked to speak to Jessica. I told him he had the wrong number. I decided to look at my past call history (this is coming to my cell phone) and lo & behold, I had 4 other calls from this number within the past week. Since I have now read everyones feedback I will now go to verizon and put this number in my blocked numbers list. Can't figure out where they got my number from since I didn't enter any sweepstakes. I'll betcha someone gave them my number (Jessica???) so now they are harrassing me. Thank you everyone for the heads-up!

28, Jun. 2012

(603) 718-1050 THEY HAD A RAFFLE AT WHAT SEEMED LIKE A LEGITIMATE EVENT AND I STUPIDLY FILLED OUT A TICKET. NOW THEY HARASS ME DAILY--I spoke to them and told them to stop. They always call from a different number. NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR PHONE NUMBER. It is some kind of Northeast Vacations scam thing with 'free hotel' or some nonsense.

31, Aug. 2012

same spiel. won 4 free airline tickets to 22 destinations. $5200 worth. Have to drive to either a 3 hour location or 4 hour location from home to get them, listen to a 90 minute presentation she said. told her to just mail them to me, didnt feel like driving that far to get. they do keep calling you and calling you. why cant they just mail them to me? stay away, my advice

5, Sep. 2012

Have gotten three different calls about winning travel prizes over the last two weeks. Almost agreed to drive 3 hours with family to check it out (free night stay!) but it just felt wrong. Thanks for all your posts and warnings.

14, Sep. 2012

I found it odd that my boyfrind and I both WON on a raffle we both filled out forms for. He called them back, but I KNEW it was a scam or something. They told him the same exact things as all of you too. They make it sound legit, but its Im sure for a timeshare, as they wanted him to go to Daytona for a power point. Um...NO!

17, Sep. 2012

So, a message was left for me on Friday, and then I got another call from them on Sunday afternoon (and like one of the earlier posters, the woman was literally screaming). Why was this prize so important that they had to call on Sunday afternoon? And then drive to collect them? Sooo glad I decided to check them out before I did anything else!

24, Sep. 2012

filled out an entry form for a home depot gift card at the Terryville fair in ct in Aug 2012 and have been getting calls daily from this number claiming I won the best vacation package they offer. I want the home depot gift card not a vacation thank u. Told them Im not interested and they still continue to call even after they told me they were going to give my prize to someone eles! I will never again give my number out to anyone what a pain in the a*s!

9, Oct. 2012

Filled out an entry form for Home Depot Gift card at Home show, Wilmington MA Sept 2012. From what I am reading this is the source of info for promotional phone calls. You have won 4 free airline tickets to a any destination i wanted. I set up an appointment for presentation in Ogunquit , Maine on Friday, October 19, 2012. Inn Season Resort. Received confirmation letter and # yesterday. The Confirmation letter stated Monday October 19 (Monday is not the 19 Friday is. Also the letter contained mispelling. Am I being Scammed?Should I go to appointment.

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