Phone: 603-570-4413

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Its exchange 570 is managed by BROOKS FIBER COMMUNICATIONS OF
The number is currently on switch number MNCHNHACDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 22% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 27 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Brian, ccs"
18, Apr. 2012

Called to ask for an employee, was told personal phone calls to employees are not permitted. They said they will continue to call, and said they are a debt collector. Very heavy middle-eastern accent. Considering legitimate debt collectors cannot announce they are such unless they are speaking to the person they are trying to contact, and that under FDCPA they cannot continue to call an employer after being told it is not allowed, odds are high that this is a scam.

11, Oct. 2012

received call on cell phone and didn't recognize number. Did not answer.

26, Jun. 2013

Kept getting calls from this number, got tired of ignoring them. Finally answered it and the woman on the other end said she was calling on behalf of CCS looking for someone I have never heard of. I told her that I did not know anyone by that name and she stated they would update their records and should not be calling again. We will see....very annoying.

5, Sep. 2013

I also received on cell phone, did not recognize & did not answer.. I immediately Googled the number, I love this sytem. I have a Samsung Galaxy note & I placed the number on a on a reject list.

11, Sep. 2013

Received a call from this number yesterday. Missed the call unintentionally, checked the number on Google and added it to my reject list.

19, Sep. 2013

I wish my phone had a reject list. This number calls and hangs up several time a week since I got this new phone number.

15, Oct. 2013

You can download call blocker and black list numbers...I've put this number on my reject list I didn't answer the call because my call blocker automatically "sniffs" out malicious callers/numbers

17, Oct. 2013

Is a progressive insurance debt collector. I told her I have never had Progressive Insurance. Now they call, let it ring twice, then hang up.

25, Oct. 2013

Stated that they hate Americans and hope we all die in a holy war. I'm scared for my family.

30, Oct. 2013

I get called 3 - 4 times a week and it rings twice and then stops, if by chance I do pick up before the ring stops then they hang up before after I say hello.

31, Oct. 2013

it called me many times and was rather annoying until one day I called back. She told me they were kind of debt collector. anyway, she said she would remove my number from their list.

13, Nov. 2013

This number calls me multiple times a day. When I answer they hang up! Makes no sense. I blocked the number and I have filed a complaint on the do not call registry website. If this number is harassing you, then I suggest you do the same.

15, Nov. 2013

hung up when I picked up

27, Nov. 2013

Missed their call. Usually they call me from Quincy, MA and now its a NH number. I havent been bothered by them for months and now they decide to bug be at 8PM two days before thanksgiving. a******s.

10, Dec. 2013

Nucking Futs
11, Dec. 2013

They are on a fishing expedition. Don't give them any info. Play with them. Tell them to send you a $1,500 check for calling your cell phone without your consent. Angelo is the head turdflume. Treat them like the scum that they are. They will pump you for anything give them some fake c**p and let them think they have scored.

11, Dec. 2013

Twice call received, but second time I pick up phone,she ask me phone No. I ask her Why ? some one call you from our office , I tell her to contect me to caller, but she say ok not found now.

3, Jan. 2014

They hung up and did not leave a voicemail so I am not sure who it us.

25, Feb. 2014

I have been receiving calls from this number for over 2 years now. Not once have they actually spoken to me when I answer. They are silent, then hang up. However, I do have voice mails filled with them speaking to other people, I'm guessing; coworkers or family members. They are laughing, cursing, coughing, etc....for 2,3,4, minutes! So, they know they are calling us, they must get paid by the phone call or something.

21, Mar. 2014

this number called my cell do not know what for. looked it up online found out some info. about them.

13, Jan. 2015

tell them you know you are on a recorded line and that the number they are calling is a work number and by federal law it is illegal for them to call your work number and that you are taking note of the date and time and if they call again your employer (you) will pursue legal action. by law collectors are not allowed to call your work number and the collectors dont know what number they are calling or if you are self-employed i have used this on every collector call and have never gotten a call from the same one twice. i work for a debt settlement company

8, Jun. 2015

Collecting for debt owed to Progressive.

24, Jun. 2015

it is for progrresive. 3 rings then they hang up. pretty terrible at their jobs it seems

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