Phone: 602-753-9835

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Phoenix, Arizona (753) exchange.
Around 57% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 40 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "BCFA, Bcfa"
19, Sep. 2013

might be Peerless surveys ?? not going to answer anyway

1, Oct. 2013

Female voice said, "Is [name] there?" but didn't leave a message. The caller ID said only the number 602-753-9835 and "Phoenix."

2, Oct. 2013

Same as above. ID did say BCFA and the phone number 602-753-9835.

2, Oct. 2013

No answer when I said hello. Will not pick up if calls again. Scammer

30, Oct. 2013

Asked if (name) was there and when asked "Who's Calling", caller hung up.

1, Nov. 2013

we are on a DO NOT CALL list

1, Nov. 2013

This is the Breast Cancer Financial Assistance "charity". From my research, if you want to help someone these are not the people to give your $$ to.

4, Nov. 2013

Breast Cancer Financial Assistance. Looks like the mammogram people are selling lists of their patients phone numbers.

4, Nov. 2013

No message

5, Nov. 2013

Caller asked if i was lady of house, when I replied yes caller hung up.

5, Nov. 2013

I don't understand how someone thinks we should answer their call without them identifying themselves and stating their business in the message. Until they do, we don't answer. Period.

6, Nov. 2013

Woman calls and asks for a person by their first name. When I say he/she isn't available - they unceremoniously hang up. Only ID is the phone # 602 753 9835.

6, Nov. 2013

Calls late in the evening, simply hangs up when answering machine kicks in.

6, Nov. 2013

Who is BCFA? We don't answer unknown callers.

6, Nov. 2013

I had two calls from this number when I returned home and no messages. Then I had another call from a Brooklyn, NY area code which asked for a person by their name and I just said this was AZ and it was a wrong number.

7, Nov. 2013

Caller I?D? Said BCFA..said hello! they asked for spouse! said not home may I take msg..They just hung up.

they think i am daft
7, Nov. 2013


elle a
7, Nov. 2013

The caller hung up after asking for my husband by name.

8, Nov. 2013

602-753-9835 called and we let it roll over to answering machne. Femail voice left a message asking for me by my first name and hung up. I'm going to block this number

8, Nov. 2013

Did not answer call, no message left by caller but caller id showed "BCFA". I called the number back from a blocked private line and it was answered with a prerecorded message stating "This is the Breast Cancer Foundation Fund and our call to day is related to our fundraising drive currently going on. I you would like your number removed from our calling list press #1, if you would like further assistance press #2............" at which point I hung up. Today was the 4th call in 7 days according to my caller id so I am posting info on all related sites and filing formal complaints at and

25, Nov. 2013

I just received a call from BCFA. The number was 216-278-0028. A woman asked for "the lady of the house" and when I said she wasn't available immediately, the call was ended,

8, Jan. 2014

I did not answer, they did not leave a message. Has called multiple times.

10, Jan. 2014

When asked who was calling, the party hung up. Line was busy when I returned the call.

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