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13, May. 2017

Thanks for taking care of these pests.

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1, May. 2017

They have called me multiple times.

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8, Aug. 2016

I asked the caller fora return number,and that is how I got their number.

A small business
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5, Dec. 2014

This is a scam !! Caller claims to be from A.P.S. and says that my ELECTRICITY WILL BE TURNED OFF today UNLESS they receive a payment immediately. He said that the payment MUST be made thru MONEYPACK at a retail store. Do not fall for this type of scam. And NEVER submit a payment to a Utility company without checking with the company's website or by calling their official phone number.

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28, Dec. 2012

Called one time two days ago. 4 times yesterday and two times today. Whoever make such kind of call should be purnished