Area Code 601

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Area code: 601
State: Mississippi
Country: USA
26, May. 2017

Here are several more of the numbers 2342170305 8637772311 (multiple calls) 2082613002 6092700113 (multiple calls) 8087265445 8083584329 (multiple calls)

25, May. 2017

Plenty of lowlife maggots in the world who apparently can't get a real job so they become a telemarketer. Too bad their mothers didn't have any kids who got an education. Mom probably a crack whore

24, May. 2017

They simply hang up and the computer will cal again and again.

22, May. 2017

I have a limited number of minutes per month on my cell phone, and I use my phone chiefly as an insurance policy for my safety.

18, May. 2017

for over 2yrs I've asked them to stop calling me and they continue to do it.

17, May. 2017

At least twice in the past I have asked not to be called again.

17, May. 2017

This comp has called at least 20 times today.when I answer.nothing.sometimes it disconnects right away.never a person.

15, May. 2017

The initial call was electronic and I held to be given to a representative to ask to be taken off their list. His response was "nope" and hung up.

14, May. 2017

After that I said I would report them.

11, May. 2017

Have now received 3 similar calls in 3 days from numbers in Massachusetts.

11, May. 2017

As soon as the answering machine picks up, the caller hangs up.

9, May. 2017

Did not answer

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