Area Code 601

Additional information:

Area code: 601
State: Mississippi
Country: USA
9, Jul. 2017

This company has called me at least 4 times in the last 30 days.

9, Jul. 2017

This number seems to call every day with nobody on the other end.

9, Jul. 2017

I have tried blocking the numbers but can not so that because they are spoofed!

if you can make a donation to my dental fund that will be appreciated.
29, Jun. 2017

other wise good by

23, Jun. 2017

Girl texted my husband claiming to be his mistress sending provocative photos. Then when I texted her to tell her to leave my husband alone she claimed that she had sex videos but in order to leak them i had to pay her.

trying to do my job but they keep calling
23, Jun. 2017

It starts with a really shrill loud beep in the ear, and then silence. I'm getting to the point I just click to talk on the handset and wait 10 seconds for a real person if it's a paying customer. If it beeps or sounds like fake background people with 'please hold', click. done. wish we could slam the phone down again like back when I was a kid. Then you KNEW your butt got hung up on!

22, Jun. 2017

Is it Stay in Kabul?

19, Jun. 2017

Called with listed name of someone we know, and there was no response when answered. Went immediately to busy signal.

10, Jun. 2017

This is a private number that some scum of the earth is using to harass others with just so they can get a thrill out of it. These people are very sad and are in need of a hobby.

10, Jun. 2017

I have been getting calls from this number and sending it to voicemail. There is no message and I believe it is a telemarketer or a scammer.

5, Jun. 2017

Got a phone call from this strange number . I looked it up and it looks like its the bill collectors called NCO Financial Systems (NCO). No clue why they're calling. Can someone tell me if its them?

5, Jun. 2017

I never pick up when I see a phone number I don't recognize. Hell I rarely pick up when it's someone from my family calling! I searched for this number online and I think that it's a collection agency called Smith, Rouchon & Associates. Someone else getting these calls apart from me?

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