Phone: 586-258-0560

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Detroit, Michigan
Its exchange 258 is managed by XO MICHIGAN, INC.
The number is currently on switch number SFLDMIWKDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 52% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 105 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "APSA, ASPA"
30, Mar. 2012

"Sherry" from Professional Services Organization. I hung up.

30, Mar. 2012

2, Apr. 2012

When answered, there is nobody on the other end of the line.

Home Owner
4, Apr. 2012

This is a marketing ploy. They want to schedule a meeting at your house to give you a free package of information. Once they get in your house they try to sell you insurance or other products.

4, Apr. 2012

4, Apr. 2012

Number came up on caller ID when I was on another call. I redialed it several times and the call did not go through.

5, Apr. 2012

hang up call

6, Apr. 2012

Caller numbers and name came up on caller ID. Didn't answer. Been harassed by so-called "debt" collectors and political pollsters. Pain in the butt. I've blocked further calls from this number.

6, Apr. 2012

Call came over while I was on a different call. Also tried dialing the number and the call does not connect.

11, Apr. 2012

586-258-0560 It rings but the line is dead when I answer. The call does not go through when I try to call back.

11, Apr. 2012


12, Apr. 2012

Saw number on caller id and when I called back, no answer.

13, Apr. 2012

I have received several calls from this number. No one responds and they then hang up. The number does not receive incoming calls, so no more information is available.

18, Apr. 2012

No one on the line. Attempted to call back, but call does not go through.

18, Apr. 2012

One call came for indoor vent cleaning - I told them I'm on the do not call list and to never call me again. 20 minutes later Vertex number calls and hangs up on me!

7, May. 2012

this company is calling all the time, annoying, called back trunk number..........

14, May. 2012

Actually talked to someone instead of a dead line. She wanted to know if anyone would be home on Wed so we could recieve a special package of discounts. Told her someone would be here all day. She says," I'm sorry, we just ran out of packages for your area, good bye" Click WTF??

17, May. 2012

They called here this am - when answered, hung up the phone without saying a word. When I tried to call back, did it first w/the area code - nothing happened. When tried without the area code - got a ma bell recorded message saying all circuits are busy.

17, May. 2012

Calls every day. No one on the other line. Caller ID number does not go thru. Ready to call the police. I understand Birmingham, MI Police Department, Detective Mike Lyon, 248-644-3400, is investigating.

17, May. 2012

Could be a political robo-call. I am heavily involved in the elections in the state of Michigan and am getting a ton of these kind of calls. No answer left on voicemail. Called it back and got dead air and then the dial tone for my phone that you get when a call has been disconnected.

18, May. 2012

Young lady looking for the home owner.

18, May. 2012

phone number came up as unknown, when answered no one said anything. Getting tired of calls like this.

21, May. 2012

Called the # back and it doesn't ring. It doesn't seen to be a real#. Possibly they are staking out the homes they call for future break ins.

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