Area Code 585

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Area code: 585
State: New York
Country: USA
24, Sep. 2017

It's insane and scary. I got scared thinking what could have i done that Washington, DC has issued me ......

23, Sep. 2017

Was left a message that a fraud case was being filed under my name. I called the number and a foreign guy answered with Internal Revenue Service. I told him he was not the IRS, asked him what he wanted from me and said he was lying! He promptly hung up.

22, Sep. 2017

many with unidentifiable numbers.

22, Sep. 2017

We did not answer and put the number on our blocked list with the other 25 scamming microsofters!!!😄

22, Sep. 2017

Yesterday they called me 5 times!

22, Sep. 2017

This is the second time that I've reported them in the past 2 months.

22, Sep. 2017

They have called me almost every day and a day or two - twice.

21, Sep. 2017

Call cannot be completed when returned.

21, Sep. 2017

Says there is a warrant for my arrest. SCAM

21, Sep. 2017

This same "man" has logged onto my computer, locked my functions with a pull down screen for me to call the above number. They take control of your speakers too.... They answer "hello" and, when pressed reluctantly say it is Microsoft. They called Me this morning of all things. They have frozen my computer twice - each time after it was in for repair and given Avast as my security. I immediately install my own trust one but ... in that short window - they attack. Tell them they you are called the police. Oh goodness!! Suddenly you are unfrozen and they have hung up. DO NO let them log onto your computer. They say they need to in order to remove the virus and they also say no charge but, I heard that is not true either. Turn your computer off. Turn it on not plugged into the net. Go thru your programs and hack them out. They will not be back. I believe they called me as my computer could not be breached.

21, Sep. 2017

caller id showed: cell phone ca.

21, Sep. 2017

Please investigate this one.

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