Area Code 575

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Area code: 575
State: New Mexico
Country: USA
24, Feb. 2018

Called again today, anyway.

23, Feb. 2018

Obviously not the IRS. They don't make stupid calls like this and they don't tell you to GF go f yourself for calling them out on being scammers, I prefer to make life difficult. I've called them probably 20 times and left them multiple harassing voicemails and my husband is having fun with them too. They're going to regret calling my number. LOL

21, Feb. 2018

I have not done business with this number, and I did not talk to anyone there.

19, Feb. 2018

These crooks persist in calling and change the number they are calling from.

19, Feb. 2018

If you call back, you get a recorded message about being removed from call list.

17, Feb. 2018

A check on line indicates this is a debt collection agency.

14, Feb. 2018

Got a call from an Indian sounding person saying he was from Microsoft.

14, Feb. 2018

This is a multi-facet Craigslist scammer!!

13, Feb. 2018

I have hung up many times pushed 9 they still call.

13, Feb. 2018

Caller looking for some woman who she claims is meeting her husband at a bar got all mouthy had to tell the dumb bitch she got the wrong number.

13, Feb. 2018

I did not answer the call as I did not recognize the phone number.

9, Feb. 2018

I have called back this company over a dozen times and received a recorded message only.

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