Area Code 573

Additional information:

Area code: 573
State: Missouri
Country: USA
12, Dec. 2017

Recorded message targeting senior citizens. I pressed "1" to talk to a person and told them I am on the DNC list. She said she would remove me.

11, Dec. 2017

we are on the do not call list bur these companies continue to ignore your regulations.

11, Dec. 2017

We have also received live person calls and advised this firm that we are on the do not call register and that we want the calls to stop.

10, Dec. 2017

I have asked this number and others but they still call which tells me they aren't worried because you don't do a damn thing about the calls.

8, Dec. 2017

I receive calls from them a few times a week and I have asked them to take me off their list numerous times.

6, Dec. 2017

I told him to call back after holidays.

5, Dec. 2017

This number continues to call me constantly - I have asked them to stop calling and they continue to call.

4, Dec. 2017

They said it was not a sales call but they clearly were trying to sell solar systems.

4, Dec. 2017

Their are more numbers but I didn't write them down Please Help Me

4, Dec. 2017

They also never leave a voicemail if I am unable to answer the phone.

1, Dec. 2017

I even waited 10 seconds more, to see if an automated message would kick in.

30, Nov. 2017

Also get the same call on 301-627-4222

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