Area Code 571

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Area code: 571
State: Virginia
Country: USA
18, Aug. 2017

Why isn't the number discontinued and these scammers shut down? Who is not doing their job?

16, Aug. 2017

I keep getting different calls from the Republican National Convention..this is the newest number they are calling from. I keep blocking them and they keep using different numbers to get through. I'm really tired of it. Any suggestions?

3, Aug. 2017


1, Aug. 2017

The caller called around 3:20 pm on August 1, 2017 and said he was calling on behalf of the volunteer firefighters. He said they had Red, White, or Blue level donations. I said that I always help at their website not over the phone. He said that is fine and well, but it's easier to donate over the phone. Personally, I really admire firefighters, so I accepted to make a $30.00 donation but through mail. He thanked me and asked me to hold the line. I did and a woman spoke and said she was calling from a secure line. She asked what credit card type I was using and I said I would pay by check. She said that was alright and asked me for my check number and account number. I told her she should mail me the invoice in the mail. At this point, the phone went dead. I have no doubt this was a scam call. Please be ware.

Paul S
29, Jul. 2017

This no call me every day 3 to 4 times. After call no speak/no voice found disconnect. This situation is on going last 2 year. I've bloc this no, this stupid caller never reach me even still calling me. I try to reach out look land phone no incoming call access type phone no. Now a days google use create no calling from pc may same type. I'm slapping this disturbance caller with my shoes. Ediot nonsense ...Caller

28, Jul. 2017

Receive call everyday, sometimes several times in same day. On do not call list so it's probably robot or scam.

19, Jul. 2017

I never answer calls when I don't know who is calling! They should just give up!

18, Jul. 2017

This number called 3 times in quick succession. I've noticed quite a few 571-549-37xx calls lately following the same pattern. I never answer and they never leave a message

18, Jul. 2017

Wanted to pay me in a cashiers check for something on craigslist. They are out of town. Want me to pay their movers with a fake check that they are going to send.. It's a scam. Shelley gates. Scam scam scam

13, Jul. 2017

Probably President Saddam Hussein Terror group named DEVGRU. who left the MINOR of their OPERATION on hold to be taped and beheaded. Only number close to Virginia That I called. COMMANDER and Pentagon commands ISIS to calm me back.

9, Jul. 2017

Press 1 to speak with an operator.

8, Jul. 2017

Caller has called from a local number on multiple occasions.

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