Phone: 571-642-1304

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Lorton, Virginia
Its exchange 642 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number RSTNVA91DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 41% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 12 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Childrens Cancer , Jessica"
12, Mar. 2013

Received a call from 571 642 1304 about 8 a.m. today--3/12/13. When I picked up the phone no one was there. Annoying.

3, Apr. 2013

Receied a call from 571-642-1304 twice today (4/3/2103). Caller ID says Chidrens Cancer...There is no one on the other end - guess it is a robo call? Did not pick up on the second call (later in the day).

29, Apr. 2013

Received message on answering machine from 571 642 1304. It said, "Hello is (my first name) there?.....Hello, Hello? " and hung up without leaving any information.Interestingly I have an uncommon first name but the woman (it was a female voice) knew it and further pronounced it correctly - a bit of a feat for most of my fellow Americans. At minimum the person seems rude- not to leave a message. I am also on the no-call list but this did not seem to deter them.

16, May. 2013

(571-642-1304) Associated Community Services soliciting donations for Childerns Cancer Recovery Foundation. Associated Community Services operates a “boiler room” operation with more than 1,100 employees and make unsolicited phone calls to people hoping to convince people to give money to the charity of the day. Associated Community Services collects a payment by mail for the charity and deducts up to 80% of the donation and then send the other 20% to the charity. "Associated Community Services reported taking $17,713,325 in donations, according to a 2009 report by the New York Attorney General. But only $5,966,173 made its way to charities." Associated Community Services main goal is to collect as much money as possible because they get to keep the "lions share" for themselves. Associated Community Services do not care about the charity or the people the charity is supposed to be helping. If they call you, never give them any money. Several of the charities Associated Community Services solicits for are being investigated by the New York Attorney General's office. Charity Navigator, America's leading independent charity evaluator, says most of the charities that Associated Community Services collects funds for receive some of its lowest efficiency ratings. Check out any charity before you donate money.

16, May. 2013

More info on Associated Community Services Read here for more info:,-veterans,-children%27s-groups Associated Community Services 29777 Telegraph Road Suite 3000 Southfield, MI 48034-7634 877-218-8234 company president d**k Cole Childerns Cancer Recovery Foundation 6380 Flank Drive, Suite 400 Harrisburg, PA 17112 Toll Free: 800-238-6479 Local: 717-545-7600 Associated Community Services solicits for these charities: Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation Breast Cancer Society Cancer Fund of America Children with Hairloss Children's Cancer Fund of America Disabled Veterans Services Firefighters Assistance Fund Firefighters Charitable Foundation Firefighters Support Services Foundation for American Veterans Law Enforcement Alliance of America Law Enforcement Education Program National Children's Leukemia Foundation Operation Lookout Vietnam Veterans of Washington State Youth Development Fund

18, Jun. 2013

Asked for my husband by name. Tried to get him to pledge each month. Speed talking. He's ill and just said okay. They told him they needed to transfer him to the people who take information. I'm sure the next thing would have been to ask for his credit card number. I took the phone and told them he's ill and please take our number off their list.

1, Jul. 2013

Asked for my hubby (not home); then wanted me to donate to "put smiles on the faces of children who had gotten such a raw deal." Tired of this stuff. Shouldn't have been so polite with my refusal. Smelled like a scam.

1, Aug. 2013

Unfortunately, the government Do Not Call list doesn't apply to "fundraising". They called me this morning at 8:15 wanting $$ for children with cancer. Like any of the funds they raise ACTUALLY go to the charity that employs them. Bah. I told them to remove my number from their solicitation list - it's still on my caller ID so if they call again, I'm reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission.

14, Aug. 2013

They keep calling. I don\'t contribute to them. How do I get off their list.

27, Dec. 2013

First she asked for my boyfriend, when i said he was unavailable she said oh, well we are calling for you too!?! She stated she was calling and wanted me to pledge to send in a donation if they mailed me an envelope. I told her that I volunteer for multiple local non - profit organizations and could donate my time by volunteering...her response was to hang up on me. That was enough to tell me that they want money and that is it.

30, Jan. 2014

Received call from 571 642 1304 about 8:30 a.m. on 1/3012/14. Answered but no one there.

15, Nov. 2014

Only said my name and then said "Thank you" and hung up. Maybe it was a prank as someone called earlier in the day and I said some ugly words to them.

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