Area Code 570

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Area code: 570
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
19, Sep. 2017

they call me at least twice a day never leave a message

18, Sep. 2017

Caller stated they were conducting a survey about issues facing Pennsylvania. Called my cell phone while I was at work. I declined to participate. They "understood" and hung up. (It was very difficult to understand the person speaking but it was clear she was reading from a script and she would not deviate from her script when I asked her questions regarding the survey and how they got my phone number) I do not trust calls of this nature and consider them to be malicious in intent.

15, Sep. 2017

i told them i was born at night but not last night and to not call again.

7, Sep. 2017

when i press 1 to speak to a person they just hang up on me when i ask them to not call again.

6, Sep. 2017

She hung up when I told her about the do not call registry

5, Sep. 2017

The call was for lowering credit card rates.

31, Aug. 2017

These people are not in Pa. The call wanted a Mrs. Howard to talk to about lowering my electric bill. This is widely known scam as it is too good to be true. For 3 months it is way lower then your bill is tripled and you are locked in for a YEAR. Big scam. Run away run away. I hope the callers are caught up in a scam themselves!

27, Aug. 2017

Christopher responded to my print ad for a used car. Wanted to pay with PayPal and send transport company to pickup the car. When I told him I only wanted a teller check, he said he was stationed on base and couldn't arrange that. I told him there are plenty of banks and credit unions on military bases where he can get a teller check for $3 and mail it to the transport company. He never replied. I then called PayPal and they said expensive items like cars and jewelry should never be paid with PayPal, because there is no protection for the seller. The buyer takes possession of the car and then reverses the charge and you're out the money and the car. If it's across state lines, I would think this is a federal felony.

21, Aug. 2017

received a call. no message. assume it is a sales call.

16, Aug. 2017

They call a couple of time a day and also an unknown number follows

10, Aug. 2017

Its a number from Luzerne County Correctional Facility. So its an inmate in the jail trying to contact you. Its not a scam.

18, Jul. 2017

Called stating that I am going to be arrested for unpaid payday loan and check fraud..

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