Area Code 570

Additional information:

Area code: 570
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
16, Jan. 2018

It does not give you an option to be removed from a call list.

15, Jan. 2018

Get call from this number many times but never leaves a message.

15, Jan. 2018

This is very creepy and very concerned that they know my name associated with my phone number.

14, Jan. 2018

I have not asked to be contacted by them.

13, Jan. 2018

I called spectrum to remove me off of their do not call listen for advertising live streaming. This person called me I did not answer they did not leave a message. I called back it automatically answered and responded with my name. It was muffled like it was a cheap phone they were on. Additionally, they attempted to be like spectrum but it was over the top.. started saying numbers at the end and had by up... I’m assuming it’s a scam.. seeing how I asked spectrum to not call me agaIn in regards to their steaming deal.

13, Jan. 2018

The company wanted to ship me some Senior Citizen items.

13, Jan. 2018

Trying to sell me something

13, Jan. 2018

They called again at 7:10 AM and again 7:11 AM.

12, Jan. 2018

He wouldn't let me, nor would he give me an 800 number to call and confirm the company.

12, Jan. 2018

this company is trying to reach the previous owners of this house from 9 years ago

11, Jan. 2018

If no name shown on caller OD, call not important and will not be answered.

11, Jan. 2018

This is my work phone number and I would like them to stop calling me all the time days, nights and weekends.

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