Area Code 567

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Area code: 567
State: Ohio
Country: USA
20, May. 2017

offer: free cruise for survey response

20, May. 2017

Once again, I have a disabled spouse who is constantly awoke from these phone calls.

19, May. 2017

Keeps calling and after the 1st ring, and you answer, they hang up. This happened 3-4 times this week. Once someone did actually talk last week to us and it was about our meters. Very rude. Kept insisting that he talk to someone about our meters. He got very nasty to us when we would not put the call thru to someone higher up.. Going to block this number.

16, May. 2017

Same experience as "No one of consequence" report of March 28, 2017. The robocall recorded voice of "Caleb" said it was hi second call and I hadn't responded, and alludes to his "assistant" sending me an email. The email I had previously received from is pasted below (and I had replied to the email indicating I wasn't interested and to please remove me from the mailing list). Email's Content::: <NameHere>, After reviewing your resume last week on, I attempted to contact you about a potential opening. I haven't heard back from you as of yet, so I wanted to follow-up and see if I can provide you with some additional information about our company and allow you to get a better understanding of the available position. <NameHere>, after you review the information below, I'd like to schedule and interview with you and my Senior Manager so you can get any questions answered, get a better understanding of your background and experience and discuss a potential future together. Once you've watched the short overview video give me a call, again my number is (800) 241-2561, option 0."

6, May. 2017

5/6 multiple calls--house AND mobile. Researched--Toledo & Mansfield OH. Recipients believe phoners are scammers. Me too. Better to REJECT & report. Quite annoying

3, May. 2017

The callers name was (b)(6) - pls start fining these callers - I keep complaining but you do nothing.

1, May. 2017

The person said I have a problem with my Windows and wanted me to go to my computer and follow his directions.

29, Apr. 2017


29, Apr. 2017

My phone rang and a robocall said, "This is Rachel at Card Services." I have repeatedly pushed #2 requesting not to be called, but that has never worked. I have pushed #1 asking to speak to someone and asked not be be called. That did not work. I have reported on occasion to this registry. Calls continue. I would not be surprise to find that over the past few years, Rachel has called 50 tines or more. Today I pressed the #1 to talk to someone, The conversation went like this, CS: How are you today? ME: Fine. Can I speak to Rachel? CS: Why why do you want to talk to her? ME: She called me. CS: She is sucking my cock. Do you want to help? ME: What was that? At that point, Card Services hung-up. It is true that I was being a smart aleck. I was actually amused by this person's response because I took some satisfaction in irritating this fellow - it was felt good to get a dig in. Stiil, I would like to pursue this matter and think the person's soliciting oral sex was objectionable

7, Apr. 2017

fined and or jailed for repeated violations of the Do Not Call Registry.

3, Apr. 2017

I receive calls from this number 7-10 times in a row almost daily, in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

1, Apr. 2017

messageyou have been selected for a medical alert aimed at senior citizens please tell them to stop calling

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