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Regional statistics: Davenport, Iowa has a population of 96930 that is in a county of 62334 units. The city is in a county that is 458 square miles.

Other cities around Davenport include:
Muscatine, Camanche, Decorah, Donahue

We are able to provide you with information on 563-265 exchange (handled by ) in Davenport, Iowa and most of the U.S (in addition to certain Canadian cities)

Anonymous is reporting 563-265-8925:

Harassing me and threatend me

Reported 29, Apr. 2016.
Doris is reporting 563-265-6050:

says theslgroup on phone they never leave a message i do not answer calls on numbers i do not recognize

Reported 16, Apr. 2016.
Craig Smith is reporting 563-265-2192:

Foreigner trying to get us to order a credit card from the National Bank of Nigeria, 0% interests and 5% back. All they needed was our information. I told them I wanted 5 cards and prepare to write down all the information on me, my spouse, and three children. Caller got very excited and said We ready now to proceed upon your cards..." when I hung up. Clearly a scam.

Reported 8, Mar. 2016.
DONNA is reporting 563-265-0973:

HE IS TRYING TO RENT A HOME TO ME IN NORCROSS 5732 Everglades Ln, Norcross, GA 30071

Reported 2, Mar. 2016.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-3940:

Calls my cell several times per day. Hangs up when answerING and music plays when number is called.

Reported 31, Dec. 2015.
Carquest Auto Parts is reporting 563-265-0075:

The phone rang 3 times, when I answered it, nobody was there! Very frustrating!

Reported 21, Oct. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-2089:

Please do something to make this stop!

Reported 3, Sep. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-8465:

Caller ID.....left no message. I don't answer numbers I don't know.

Reported 13, Jul. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-8463:

Tried calling back wouldn't go through

Reported 28, May. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-6652:

I was cursed and threatened with death, honestly.

Reported 13, Apr. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-0070:

The # called me @ 5:55 pm to night I have had calls saying the same thing from different # who ever these people are they are not on the line when you answer the call its just tonight come on and just start talking and not paying any attention to you tell him that you're not interested then just keep going on and they called whoever it is has called several times it is some sort of continuing education phone call

Reported 23, Jan. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-8691:

This is not my first complaint about this organization. It is a robo call wanting to sell home protection equipment.

Reported 18, Dec. 2014.
Annoyed is reporting 563-265-8473:

six calls so far today from this number and I am certain there will be more by the end of the day.

Reported 3, Oct. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-9602:

Ben Ernst is a scam artist who claims to be the boyfriend of Jodi Arias, who is imprisoned. He has a donate fun going directly to his band account, separate from the Jodi Arias Appellate Fund.

Reported 29, Jul. 2014.
Terry D. Horner is reporting 563-265-5160:

Robo call for Miller-Meeks' Republican Congressional primary on June 3 in Iowa. Why they called me, a New York Democrat, is beyond me.

Reported 1, Jun. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-2610:

yes we received an email regarding Jane Scott, sent a picture of a cute blonde and for a girl studying she sure has bad grammar. The things people do. Anyway I figured it was a scam and searched her name. Glad we have these forums to give people heads up.

Reported 14, Nov. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-7504:

This was actually a text message to my cell phone. I am not interested whatsoever to do business and have not asked for any information from anyone!!!

Reported 1, Oct. 2013.
Sue is reporting 563-265-5100:

I have a gift certificate to use which lists the above phone number to contact to redeem. The phone number when called is listed as "disconnected." I need to get my gift certif. redeemed.

Reported 31, Jul. 2013.
Becky is reporting 563-265-2766:

Text me about furniture I have on Craigslist. Said she would send cashiers check and have driver pick up. she said she's a widow and a vet lives in LA. What can happen. I'm not willing to take a chance. Any feedback?

Reported 31, Jul. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-5409:

Some stupid kid texting random number, more of a nuisance than anything.

Reported 4, Jun. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-4063:

These guys are phishers/scammers. They are just trying to extract your information out of you. I have spoken to one of their representatives several times and asked to be removed from their list, pointing out that I am registered on the National Do Not Call list. This often results in them hanging up on me, or just patronizing me. They still call me every day. It is a complete mystery to me why the FBI hasn't shut them down.

Reported 25, Dec. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-4694:

Reported 30, Sep. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-0395:

Love you from the bottom of my heart.Looking for love in all the wrong places.she will tell you she wants to come live with you and to send money for air fare.says she i deaf to get your cell # to text you.if you google her name find out more.

Reported 24, Sep. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-8034:

Called; did not leave a message. I AM a collector-not very pleased.

Reported 3, Sep. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 563-265-2336:

Sending me facts about cats and won't stop.

Reported 6, Apr. 2012.
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