Area Code 562

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Area code: 562
State: California
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2017

I opted out as they said I could but the calls keep coming in.

23, Mar. 2017

They call and actually leave a message on your landline claiming they are the IRS and you owe them money and there are arrest warrants out on you. Well we all know that's bogus, especially since I'm retired from preparing taxes. It's a Las Angeles area code. If you call the scammers back to give them a hard time like my sons friend did, you can give them any name and they will say they are pulling up your file and usually tell you an amount which in our case was $2,500 and they want you to hind them your debit card. It's A SCAM. It's IRS time and they are just scammers. Don't fall for it. The IRS never calls people.

23, Mar. 2017

Got two calls from them today. Thankfully, the rom on my phone has a call blocker but they can still leave voicemail.

23, Mar. 2017

She said it was an automatic dialer like that was an acceptable reason for being in violation of the registry.

23, Mar. 2017

She a bitch

23, Mar. 2017

It was a recorded message and asked me to press a button.

22, Mar. 2017

often the same company with a different number.

21, Mar. 2017

I did not. answer the phone and the caller did not leave a message . Can't identify the caller. Caller ID showed the phone was from Whittier.

20, Mar. 2017

Many calls a day several times a week.

20, Mar. 2017

I cannot ask the party to stop calling because it is a recording.

20, Mar. 2017

They stopped for a while and now have started again.

20, Mar. 2017

He is a lying scam. Lied. Manipulated my friend and I. Made us think we auditioned in real life but he kept photos for himself.

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