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26, Jan. 2018

Internet complaints say this is another medical alert robocalling scam.

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12, Jul. 2017


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20, Jun. 2017

Scammers posing as travel coordinators

Jane Doe
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28, May. 2017

My soon to be EX daughter in law REGINA M. REZEX has been hacking my son and family for over two year's. She with her friends use our very own cell phones and home internet to do what they wish. We have caught many instances of REGINA M. REZEX of Downey ( she also works in business development for USC ) as she is using our internet. We will not communicate with her as law enforcement agencies are now involved. Surely she would answer anyone's questions of her tie's to Global Crossing ( they are heavily invested with hackers ), her use of this telephone number above and many, many other's. Her younger sister, NATALIE REZEX is also involved. REGINA M. REZEX graduated from St. Paul High School and has many ties to the Whittier area too.

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23, May. 2017

I could not disconnect them, now what would happen if I needed to dial 911 and could not because of them?

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6, May. 2017

Says refer to case b(6).

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12, Apr. 2017

I wondered who they were, so I looked up this number here, could anyone else here clarify this caller?

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9, Feb. 2017

The company is located in Eitzen,MN

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25, Jan. 2017

This calling needs to stop.

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17, Jan. 2017

Said I had applied for payday loan (I have not).

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12, Jan. 2017

Yes please block this phone number. They are just a survey scammer, wanted me to answer their several questions of survey to win vacation to their new resort because previously I had stayed at their resort. But I had never stayed at any resort in my life. Beware! Don't give them any information!

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6, Jan. 2017

I receive phone calls from this number while I am at work so I am unable to respond.

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2, Jan. 2017

Recently(within the last 2 weeks) they have harassed me at my place of employment.

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19, Dec. 2016

I have blocked this phone number through our Comcast service, but the calls get through anyhow.

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8, Dec. 2016

The message did not appear to be associated with any bank that I use.

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5, Dec. 2016

This company called twice within minutes and different telephone numbers.

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23, Nov. 2016

He states that he thinks they are looking for his CC numbers.

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18, Oct. 2016

She has imporatnt information about my account.

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14, Oct. 2016

Called and hung up after two rings.

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22, Sep. 2016

They had a lot of personal information on me.,

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15, Sep. 2016

Keeps calling and not leaving a message. wont leave me alone,

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19, Aug. 2016

We asked them politely not to call us and told them this number is registered do not call number.

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3, Aug. 2016

In the past month we have received 23 phone calls that were recorded messages.

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23, Mar. 2016

two to three times per day.

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18, Feb. 2016

I have no business with Verizon

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14, Aug. 2015

How do I stop these calls!

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20, Aug. 2014

They called twice in one month.