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30, Jan. 2017

US Department of Treasury scam- says if I don't call them back at once, I can face legal action and may have to appear before a Grand Jury.

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1, May. 2015

Left me an odd text but wont text me back.

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25, Aug. 2014

This was in my scammer list, so this time I did what another person recommended and I think it worked - I went on the net and downloaded the three tone sound for disconnected number - we've all heard it when we call a wrong number. I recorded it and have the recorder sitting near my cell phone, which is the number that's being slammed with scammers and spammers. If a number pops up in my contact list as a spammer, I press play and put the phone up to the recorder. Try it! google this: sit.wav Notice I said "if a number pops up in my contact list..." If I get a call that turns out to be one of these, I save it in a Contact file called SPAM or SPAMMER. That way I don't have to remember the numbers that have called. The problem with the Block system is that these people are using VOIP numbers, which means they can have hundreds of numbers that show up. So have more than just that as an option. This is also why the phone companies can't keep up. So beat them at their own game! sit.wav will help!

Jim Spriggs
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27, Aug. 2012

2nd time in two weeks that I got the same call with just blank space on voice mail. Assume address by way of Internet search.

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27, Jun. 2012

These telemarketers CONTINUE TO HARASS ME EVERY OTHER DAY. When I ask them to stop calling me they hang up the phone. Two days later they are calling my phone using another number. Each time, I file a complaint while including the new number. Why is this continuing?

Buster PhishingScam
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11, Jun. 2012

Read THE TRUTH! about 562-404-7521 *Unlisted or Unregistered number* RoboCall Scammers. Caller ID reported ''California'' Location: Bellflower, Cerritos, Downey or Norwalk, California Landline/Mobile Provider: VERIZON CALIFORNIA INC. - CA (GTE) Switch Office: NRWLCAXGDS0. SCAM artists spoofed CallID to FRAUD DataMine Phishing for ANY personal information! Protect yourself! SAY NOTHING! 2 second silence is recorded to gather intel on you, then all data is saved in their database and used to pry more from you the next time they call. And they WILL call again. Answer no questions. Don't even verify your name! Tell them NOTHING except: ''Do not call. We are registered on the national do not call list. Each violation will be prosecuted at $500 penalty. DO NOT CALL!'' then disconnect and dial *57 to send a call trace to law enforcement. Remember to follow-up and file a formal police report. Callers claim to "Lower Home Loan interest rates" in an effort to collect your personal information, bank account numbers and Credit Cards - Identity Theft. Call type: Scammers/Fraudsters