Phone: 562-387-1004

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Seal Beach, California
Its exchange 387 is managed by O1 COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
The number is currently on switch number LSANCAVADS5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 31% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 45 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "mike, brian svane"
19, Jun. 2012

Claims to be from Google - We have a web site - don't need another - wouldn't buy from a phone telemarketer ever!

19, Jun. 2012


29, Jun. 2012

Waited for answering machine to answer call. When it did, caller hung up without leaving message.

26, Jul. 2012

Called and claimed to be with Google -- when a person came on, she said that "we never said we were with Google" but that "we can see your activity and your site is not set up." Told her that robocalls were illegal, we were on the do not call list, and hung up. She called back 5x within 10 minutes -- "you're rude!!!"

17, Sep. 2012

UNSOLICITED cold call offering to set up web site services.

9, Oct. 2012

left no msg

23, Nov. 2012

Cold Call offering Web Set up and Optimization.

26, Nov. 2012

You cannot get back to this number. It called about a busines that has been out of business for two years but somehow got my number. When I asked what business they were calling about it was only in the last few seconds I heard about the out-of-business name that used to be a renter two years plus ago. This is obviously a scam and beware of the nice “Mike” voice when you phone back since he is obviously either in jail or on Planet Mars!!!

7, Jan. 2013

Yet another robo-call with an illegal prerecorded message for yet another Google-based scam. Claims our company hasn't "claimed" our business website yet and customers won't be able to find us if we don't. That's amusing seeing we don't even have a company website. Idiots.

14, Jan. 2013

put call in voice mail but they did not leave any lessage

21, Jan. 2013

Calls all the time and just hangs up. So annoying.

11, Feb. 2013

google scam called 2/11/13...complain to telephone co.

27, Feb. 2013

Called - machine - introduces as Google Places. ASked to select "1" - I selected - got disconected in 10 seconds. Beware it is SPAM !!!

4, Mar. 2013

Repeated irritating calls, they hang up, if you do get a person, they hang up the second you indicate you do not wish to be called yet they keep calling. I did get a person when I called back, I asked them not to hang up, they denied calling and that I was mistaken. then was rude and slammed the phone down. How can we stop these calls?

19, Mar. 2013

Called but I did not recognize number so did not answer.

27, Mar. 2013

Prerecorded message "Don't hang up now. Our business records show .."

1, Apr. 2013

calls and hangs up when you say hello. Rude as hell!

3, Apr. 2013

Says they are contracted by Google to optimize web listing. They will do this for our web mobile list for $349 with credit card. Sent an email with other sites he has "optimized". Thanks for your above entries - as legitimate as the guy sounds there is still no hard proof that this is legitimate and any transaction is putting you at high risk.

Former IT Guy
10, Apr. 2013

The company behind this appears to be "Cyber Center" ( As the April 3rd report says, they claim to be "contracted by Google" to give "free consultations" regarding the Google Places listing. It took several minutes of pitching to finally get to the truth that they're not really working for "Google". My impression is they may have gotten some sort of contract job of some sort from Google at one point (doing who knows what), so now they can truthfully claim they "have been contracted by Google", even if it has nothing to do with selling you "Search Engine Optimization" services now as they're trying to do.

30, Apr. 2013

wont stop calling if you press 9 if you answer, act interested in what they have to say and after they take the TIME to give you a speel on the google website keep them on as LONNNNNNNNG as you can tolerate and than after their waste of time, you tell them to remove your number and you are not interested. i will garantee that they will hang up before you finish your sentence ! on to the next sucker !

3, May. 2013

Mike hangs up as soon as you pick up I called backed with re-dial 100's of times to tie up their lines and time. I'l continue to tie up their lines as much as I can I suggest everyone else do the same. They are scum bag thieves not contracted by google

3, May. 2013

They were rude and called me a sheep f****r because I asked them to take me off call list...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM

10, May. 2013

Recorded message references Google Places and says we haven't claimed our business website yet (which we have). I know it isn’t really Google, because when Google calls the caller ID says GOOGLE.

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