Area Code 561

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Area code: 561
State: Florida
Country: USA
23, Feb. 2018

Yet another call from some fly by night travel company wanting me to use my unused vacation time (and spend my money of course). Nice enough female youngster doing the talking but I was in no mood to spend any time debating with her. Asked her for a date instead but she refused. I'm really hurt cause I'm a nice looking guy.

23, Feb. 2018

Calling for no reason when the holder of this phone number has been deceased for one year and a day!

23, Feb. 2018

Can hardly understand the person that calls, but the line is that they want to help with my computer.

23, Feb. 2018

I had received a call from same number a few days earlier and had entered in their prompt to be removed from their list.

23, Feb. 2018

Receive daily calls from this number, which have been ignored by me. I called back today 2/23/18 and there was complete silence on the line when they heard a male voice saying “ Hello-Hello-Hello” and they hung up on the call.

22, Feb. 2018

I say I will not give u any information due to you have called me - what do you want and whom are you trying to contact?

22, Feb. 2018

I explained I was on the DNC and had received calls from them before, where I had asked to be removed from their list.

22, Feb. 2018

Can't ask them to stop calling, it's a recorded message

22, Feb. 2018

The registered agent for this corporation is Spiegel & Utrera, P.A.

21, Feb. 2018

Ms Tanner says she can lower my interest on my student loan.

21, Feb. 2018

WE receive three to four calls from this number a day.

21, Feb. 2018

The number calling is a telemarketer for a cruise line asking for a credit card number

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