Phone: 561-952-2080

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Belle Glade, Florida
Its exchange 952 is managed by US LEC OF FLORIDA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number PBGRFLEZDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 23% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 56 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "wouldn't say, wouldn't say"
26, Oct. 2013

Recieved call from this number. I just wanted to know who they are.They cant get thru to me anyway.I have call block.

26, Oct. 2013

They have called me 4 times in less than 3 hours.. I am on the do not call registry so how do they get away w/calling???:

27, Oct. 2013

Got 7 calls to my cell phone from this number in one day. They started at 9 am (while I was trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning) and ended around 5:30 pm. Not recognizing the number, I never answered the phone and they kept calling again and again. Very annoying!

28, Oct. 2013

For 3 days they call my cell every couple of hours and never leave a message. I blocked them on my cell

29, Oct. 2013

I answered and got no response for the 10 seconds it says the call was connected. Thinking about calling back and giving them a piece of my mind.

29, Oct. 2013

received 10 calls from this number. when I tried to call back busy signal... very annoying.

29, Oct. 2013

Worst telemarketer yet. Called 4x in 2 hours. Message was left by Asian-Indian accented male.

30, Oct. 2013

call multiple times/day. Even at 6:30am (PST). Never pick up-no messages

31, Oct. 2013

They also got a hold of my cell number, Ican't wait to pick up the phone now. I am going to play right along! And then Whammo......tell them they have just dialed US Dept rep of consumer complaints/fraud/telemarketing!

6, Nov. 2013

They are calling my work place. Then when they were told I wasn't there and told they shouldn't call me at work they ask for MY phone number and they were told if they called me at work they should have MY number! STUPID PEOPLE NEED TO QUIT TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF PEOPLE AND GET A REAL JOB!!!

9, Nov. 2013

7:00 AM on a Saturday! Unbelievable. Heavy Accent. The call shows "Belle Glade". I have received other calls from this number,,,but have not picked up. Maddening!

20, Nov. 2013

They have been calling me for 2 months asking personal questions but are hard to understand. when I ask to speak to someone else they hang up. They can call up to 6 times in one day. I just want to know who they are and why they need the info they are asking about.

22, Nov. 2013

The person making the call knew the first name of the person it belonged to even though the bill/account is not in their name. They spoke heavily accented English and left a message. If you answer, be rude-

23, Nov. 2013

They have called me a number of times the last few days. They started at 6 am this morning. They are hard to understand and rude. wish they can stop all the calls.

25, Nov. 2013

This # called my friend's # asking for me. I have never given my friend's # to anyone. My friend said that the man was latino.

25, Nov. 2013

Have called as early as 6:30 a.m. telemarketing firm. The people have heavy eastern/asian accent. Have gotten as many as 6 calls in 1 day. Have repeatedly told them to not call me. They have also called from unavailable and restricted. They say they are from a medical compensation company. And ask if I have used yaz and other presciptions. These people need to be stopped!

2, Dec. 2013

They called me exactly eight times in a row on a course of 3 days: Nov. 29, Nov.30, and Dec.2. I finally answered and they asked if my name was Christine, I said no, and then they hung up immediately.

11, Dec. 2013

They continually call for my minor daughter on my number. Usually asian or indian accent.

11, Dec. 2013

I've been getting calls for the past two months. Indian accent and I can not understand them. They do say something about a medical statement for birth control. If I miss the call and try calling it back, it is always busy. I told the guy one time I could not understand him and hung up. I got 5 calls from the same number the same day.

17, Dec. 2013

They called me a few minutes ago asking about my bladder sling and if I had received compensation. I said no. Then they pretended they couldn't hear me. I called them twice and they pretended they couldn't hear me. I told them I had reported them to my attorney and he/she would be calling them. Then I hung up.

18, Dec. 2013

Called me twice this morning at 9:30 and 10am. I didn\'t answer.

22, Dec. 2013

They called me a few minutes ago asking about my bladder sling and if I had received compensation. I said no. Then they pretended they couldn't hear me. I called them back and they did not answer - only music.

6, Jan. 2014

I've gotten multiple calls from "businesses" like this and they're headhunters for the sleazy lawyers advertising class action lawsuits on TV. They are calling because you have either gotten a prescription that could be used for the conditions they're calling about or you've bought an OCT item from a store that uses loyalty cards that relates to the conditions. If you've bought something with your credit or debit card and that "anonymous information" is sold by cross referencing that to public records they have your information. Your prescriptions are supposed to be covered by HIPPA but many pharmacies (and some doctors) have "Opt Out" exceptions in the information they know 99% of people don't read that allows them to pass along your information to "related third parties" that offer products that may be of benefit to your health issues based on your prescriptions. For the most part, this is sold to the drug manufacturers so they can send coupons or information on how to apply for their discount programs to people without insurance. But, as with all information these days it's compiled by data mining companies and they're only interested in how much money they can make selling your information. Because they're allowed a certain margin of error and they use multiple streams of data collection it's almost impossible to prove that they've violated HIPPA. My number ends in 00 so I plan to answer with "State Department of Telecommunications Fraud. This number has been tagged and traced in case of a criminal inquiry. How May I help you?" I truly enjoy s******g with asshats like this! But I hope this tells you how they get your information and why they're calling. I heard that headhunters for the mesothelioma class action lawsuits get up to $10,000 per litigant they refer. With a $30 billion dollars trust and very little actual litigation work to do to file a claim now that the trust is established, a lawyer can make 1/3 of $100,000 at the bare minimum for two hours of work done by an associate who gets paid $15 an hour. It's just another growth industry to be exploited.

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