Phone: 561-692-4200

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Belle Glade, Florida
Its exchange 692 is managed by CELLCO PARTNERSHIP DBA VERIZON
The number is currently on switch number JPTRFLGNCM1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 31% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 57 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "5616924200, 561 692 4200"
9, Aug. 2012

if you dial the number back you can go through an automated menu to have your number deleted from their call list.

16, Aug. 2012


20, Aug. 2012

Called me and enquired, how was I doing. Then hung up.

Pam K
22, Aug. 2012

What a pain in the butt! I indicated on a questionaire for Professional Women that I might be interested in furthering my education. They call all day long. I guess I am going to have to blast them so they leave me alone.

6, Sep. 2012

I am desperately applying for jobs online and every single job search engine has passed my number off to an on line college!

7, Sep. 2012

10, Sep. 2012

This is a number you do not want to call for it is linked to ?????

14, Sep. 2012

"if you dial the number back you can go through an automated menu to have your number deleted from their call list." +1 to this, just call back and hit 3.

17, Sep. 2012

18, Sep. 2012

Scam call from a telemarketer....the "student help center". These folks don't appear to be related to any legit educational institution.

22, Sep. 2012

same number called me and when i callback there is no answer or ring or anything its just silent.

25, Sep. 2012

darn scaammers cant steal my gold!!!

9, Oct. 2012

Wanted to send my information to crappy online schools. Waste of time...added them to my ditch caller list.

9, Oct. 2012

online schools, though I believe this might be Kaplan University online admissions "sales" person if you get my drift

9, Oct. 2012

It only called me once it was a recorded message for a student center

11, Oct. 2012

I just signed use the employment guide last night (provided my number) and noticed immediately the sudden calls from this company. d**n.

17, Oct. 2012

Caller ID said FLORIDA

23, Oct. 2012

Called me and said i submitted a form a week ago for furthering my education. I want no such thing!

29, Oct. 2012

Caller asked for me then hung up. Number was 561-692-4200

30, Oct. 2012

first time i was able to ansawer was not five mins ago they asked for my name and hung up the past times theyve called they never left a message they are a scam

31, Oct. 2012

New Mexico
1, Nov. 2012

Said I filled out a survey indicating i want to further my education. I did no such thing.

2, Nov. 2012

561-692-4200/ Florida has called a couple of times. I finally answered because they would not leave a message on answer machine, He said i filled out a form within 24-48 hours ago, Student Help Center. Inquiring about school, Northeast, verifying information, and financial. I told him "I absolutly did Not." He said sorry, hung up. Hope they stop calling now.

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