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21, Mar. 2018

They are rude and hang up on you when you tell them you are registered.

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1, Nov. 2017

Called about my car warranty. Knew my name, make of car and year. Telling me there is a problem with my warranty then tried to sell me a 7 yr coverage one. Telemarketer. Hung up and they actually called back. Didn’t answer second call. Calling dealership for actual information.

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25, Oct. 2017

They offer to deliver a free medical alert system referred by a friend or relative, free of charge, free shipping, and $3000 in grocery coupons.

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12, Oct. 2017

The 321-632-4732 Travel Agency Scam has been around for a long time with no end in sight.

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10, Oct. 2017

Any help to stop these annoying calls would be greatly appreciated!

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3, Oct. 2016

It was not possible to make out what the call was about.

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27, Jun. 2016

minute they heard "do not call" they hung up"

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6, Nov. 2015

He is actual Mr. Patel scamming people over the internet. There sins will fall on their children. Don't worry. They are eager to convince you not to worry and they will take care of you. After you send them money they will tell you wait eight hours for your money to go into the bank. It never goes into your bank. The money goes into their pockets.

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24, Oct. 2015

Could not ask them not to call since the message was recorded

David M. Turnbow
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2, Sep. 2015

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4, Aug. 2015

A recorded call for a carpet cleaning service was received at 11:10 am on Sat.

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20, Jun. 2015

When told to not call here again woman got belligerent and stated she would be calling back again tommorrow and the next day and the next.

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22, Apr. 2015

Several times a day at first and then when I quit answering the phone they have gotten it down to only about twice a day.

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27, Mar. 2015

Calling number is not is service spoofed number.

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24, Mar. 2015

8th and filed a complaint on Oct 21st and received another call on the 23rd and Nov.

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17, Sep. 2014

Calls and asks for a particular person. Does not leave an message. Says its personal call; no one knows him as personal!!

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8, Aug. 2014

Recording indicates some investing B,S,!!!!

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16, May. 2014

Yet another call from the same company- just from yet another number.

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15, May. 2014

This sounds like a scam. I continue getting a recorded call to press 1 to speak to a person. Please fine them immediately!!!!!!

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5, Mar. 2014

they call almost daily and often from different phone numbers. Been calling for months.

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14, Feb. 2014

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24, Jan. 2014

These people are never there when the call is answered. They wake us up, call late at night and are only interested in harassment. This company should be fined. I have complained to you numerous times in the past, yet, they continue to harass. Why can't the federal government stop this? Do I have to call the police? Do I have to hire a lawyer and sue them myself? Can't you stop them?

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9, Jan. 2014

While out for 4 weeks, this number called me with a recorded message and kept filling up my voicemail daily asking me to call back. I have never done business with them and don't understand why they keep leaving messages everyday with the same exact message.

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14, Aug. 2013

This was a text message that stated they'll be calling me in a sec.

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5, Aug. 2013

This is the third time in the last month that this company has called my cell -- each time I have told them to stop calling and remove my phone number.