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18, Apr. 2018

Recorded message, no way to tell them to stop calling

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4, Jan. 2018

i only answer numbers recognized, this left no voice mail.

Lorretta Jones
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3, Jan. 2018

Spoofed number by a possible robocaller. They called and I declined the second I saw the unknown number. It went to voicemail immediately and left a blank message. Poor programming by dumb a$$#0les that don't know what they are doing. If you want to be a criminal, please be good at it, at least. For all folks, do NOT answer any call you do not recognize. If it is important the caller will addressed you by name and will leave detailed message including why the call was made.

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28, Mar. 2017

I am in a Life Insurance Agent's Office. "Steve Meyers" Said he was calling from Beaver Hills Country Club, looking for a financial adviser that they could refer people to, We are familiar with the local country clubs, and Beaver Hillls is not one of them. A quick Google search reveals that particular Country Club exists only in Iowa, and then this site confirmed that this guy is a total creep. Thanks!

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15, Mar. 2017

I will not call the number back after read all of the comments above, thank you for the warning friends!

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19, Nov. 2016

Offered to reduce my loan interest rate.

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12, May. 2016

I feel like this is a scam - they've been calling me every day, multiple time a day for about a month. I usually just ignore the call, but yesterday I finially answered so maybe they would stop; however, they didn't. I talked to a guy named Curtis (forgot his last name) who gave me a price of $93.73 a month with a down payment of 218.73 and when I asked for what, he said for health ins since open enrollment was missed. He didn't give me any details; he just started asking for my credit card info & said most people pay w/ Visa. I said I want to know what plan I'm paying for & he immediately got rude & said health ins again. I asked what kind of deductible and so on & he proceeded to tell me that I will get that info by email AFTER I PAY. I said I would have to call him back, because I was at work, and he immediately got rude again saying, "well a lot of people tell me that & then I can never reach them again so let's just do it today". If this is legit, they need new reps. I don't know if it is or not, but I'm not falling for it after the way he spoke to me!

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15, Apr. 2016

Please divert all nuclear warheads to the exchange where this number comes from please.

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25, Mar. 2016

In both cases, they hung up on me.

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9, Aug. 2015

Calls from 706-805-1779 and also 406-980-2030.

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23, Jun. 2015

Claimed he was an analyst with a tax MD, program. Claimed I called him through a radio station and he lost the call between the radio station and his office. He wanted information from me regarding my taxes, he also mentioned that there was a $65 charge for the call. He became very flustered after I caught him in a lie. DO NOT give this guy your information at all.

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13, May. 2015

also uses 908-469-0995 as a phone #

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28, Apr. 2015

They appear to have an automated dialer calling my cellphone upwards of 100 times a day.

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26, Dec. 2014

My phone is pay as you go so these solicitors cost me money

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15, Dec. 2014

Recorded message offering free medical alert system to seniors.

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12, Dec. 2014

Rude knuckelhead refused to identify who he was representing before asking me questions. Pompous ass acted like he did me a favor by calling me and threatened to hang up on ME! I beat him to it. So fitting from "Boca Raton" ...meaning rat mouth.

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20, Oct. 2014

recorded telemarketer morgage rate reduction scam

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24, Jul. 2014

This is the FOURTH OR FIFTH time this same recorded call has come, and I have reported it to you each time. The phone number changes, but I can recognize the voice and the message as being the same.

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5, May. 2014

This number keeps calling me. Never done business with them. Never leave messages. You call the number back and it says press 1 to be removed but then they call more frequently as if that confirmed your phone number. Please stop these scammers!

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10, Jan. 2014

this call came in right after another spam call in which I had picked up and immediately disconnected. I will also file a complaint against that number next. I think it's somehow associated with some company.

brad terry
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3, Dec. 2013

561-288-1141 has called me 2 times. no idea who they are.

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23, Sep. 2013

This is the second time today they have called. I spoke to an individual and asked him who to stop these calls. I told him not to hang up and he did. Please, please have this stopped. This has been going on for months. What can I do? Please let me know.Thanks.

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22, Aug. 2013

This was a recorded message received on a unpublished cell phone.

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18, Jun. 2013

This is the third call today. PLEASE STOP THESE CALLS. Thanks.

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6, Jun. 2013

Well look here. I just got another call from the same company with a different number. This is the second call today. I have reported and complained about them on several different occasions. Still no help. Who do I report it to again?

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27, Apr. 2013

They always tell me they have something for me. I ask them who they are but they will not say. I have verbaly told them I am on the "do not call registry" and to remove my number from their call list and then they hang up on me. I have received calls on my cellphone from this number.

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4, Mar. 2013

this number also called last week. When I pushed the response to get additional information, a representative answered and when I said why do you keep calling me every day she just hung up. This is extremely annoying since I registered on the do not call registry. Please have these people stop calling me. Thank you.

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6, Feb. 2013

I have been receiving calls from here daily and have no idea who it is. I want to be taken off the call list. This evening it rang 3 times with in 5 min. The same number showed up - I am very aggravated with this problem.

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22, Jan. 2013

We have no outstanding credit card debt and are not able to tell them to stop calling.,

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18, Nov. 2012

received a call left no message.

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28, Sep. 2012

left a message saying that my name and ss# which he did not refer to me by name have been attached to file in their office and red flagged and that I need to contact them before close of business today or they will be forced to make decsions for me on my behalf. Unfortunately for them, I wasn't born yesterday, looked up the phone number and found that is the latest scam. I wish there was some place to block all of these types of calls and that there was an agency that it could be reported to and that would follow up to prosecute people like this who take advantage of people who don't know any better about their finances or that people are out to scam innocent folks out of their hard earned money.

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13, Aug. 2012

This is a cell phone that I have not given the number to any credit card company. Additionally my credit card is paid in full monthly

Amy bergman
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29, Jun. 2012

Making threaten phone calls saying if I do not return his calls he will send the police to my home and my work place to put me in jail. He want my social security number but he cant give me any information about himself or his business and how he gotten my phone number I think that its a SCAM.

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21, Jun. 2012

The caller was in the Sales Department for USA Vacations, located in Florida. I called the number back to see if it was a real number. It was. Initially, the call was made by an automatic dialer. It stated that if I wished to talk to someone, I should push #1. I did this only to be able to obtain their number.

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14, May. 2012

Continues to harrass us by trying to offer Web monitoring services, even though we have an outsource partner doing that for us. Very rude and insistent on talking to someone even though we tell them to stop calling.