Area Code 551

Additional information:

Area code: 551
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
24, Feb. 2018

When I tried reverse number lookup it appeared that it originated in New Jersey.

24, Feb. 2018

He will not return their call because they refuse to tell me what they want.

22, Feb. 2018


22, Feb. 2018

This is the 2nd time today alone that I have gotten a call from this company.

20, Feb. 2018

I just received the same phone call from a 800-396-1911 and a man named John from The Association for Police and First Responders. He did not mention a "PAC", but the first paragraph of your call matches mine identically. Ironically, I am an on-duty firefighter at our station (where the call was received) as well as our local union president and I questioned their charity as it sounded like pure BS. As soon as I mentioned this, the caller said, "UM Okay, well you have a good day." and hung up. DO NOT give to ambiguously named "charities" who use police and firefighters as a cover. If it is not a legitimately named charity (usually tied to a local jurisdiction), then please do not fall for this.

20, Feb. 2018

Automated system that changes numbers every time they call.

15, Feb. 2018

Been receiving a call from them every business day since.

15, Feb. 2018

Robo call from realtor.

15, Feb. 2018

Do your job and make them stop!

14, Feb. 2018

This Company has been calling at least FIVE TIMES a day for the past 3 days.EVERYTIME I asked them NOT TO CALL AGAIN.AND they keep calling.

14, Feb. 2018

551 263 0392 among the countless other number they are now using..... most are hacked VoIP systems but they all are 100% a scam... . You call the number.... no one answers if they do it only for a millisecond Hence according to your Carrier.. YOU MADE THE CALL... !!!!! HENCE YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHARGES... !!!!!!!!!! @ 800 USD per minute !!!! yes per minute..... duh???? charges add up quite quickly for you and them...... it`s not like any of our national carriers can spot and stop theses scammers... but @ $800 a minute.. the kick-backs are rather tempting for the bottom line and shareholder equity....

10, Feb. 2018

This caller did not leave a message, and why would they be calling us on a Sunday night?

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