Area Code 541

Additional information:

Area code: 541
State: Oregon
Country: USA
22, Jul. 2018

Maybe you all can find who this company or people are and put an end to their antics.

22, Jul. 2018

Didn't hear the beginning part of message as it was a recorded message but rest of message was saying to call back for the chance to win a vacation.

21, Jul. 2018

I thought it was the caller's responsibility to check (before calling) if my number is on the national registry?

20, Jul. 2018

It's a scam. Just hang up on them.

20, Jul. 2018

they have called from 603-862-6957,603-862-6973, and 603-862-6958.

20, Jul. 2018

Robocall from a credit call company saying they can lower my interest rate

19, Jul. 2018

The caller asked for me by name and when I responded by asking who was calling, they did not respond so I hung up.

19, Jul. 2018

This is a scam number. Stated they were from best mortgage and wanted all my personal info to secure me a better rate. I went to bestmortgage web site and it has a warning about cold callers with their name is a scam

19, Jul. 2018

If the debt is older than 7 years they cannot legally attempt to collect even if you did owe the debt. That is beyond the statute of limitations and is illegal.

19, Jul. 2018

I receive almost daily (3-4 calls per day) telephone calls from cellphone numbers in Baker City, Oregon near Geiser Park location. No messages are left. On July 18, I received the following calls: 541-519-4953 at 8:39am; 541-519-9291 at 11:07am (this call had a 3 sec message saying, "Mike Nygel" or possibly "Mike Mygel"); 541-519-5772 at 1:47pm, and 541-519-6278 at 2:52pm. When I look up the number on the internet it always says call is cellphone number from Baker City, Oregon. I block each number but the calls from Baker City, Oregon without messages keep coming. They apparently have a way of obtaining new telephone numbers for every call. I hope this type of harassment can be stopped. Most every telephone call I receive is a spam call; most days I don't receive any personal calls at all; just spam. I don't answer my telephone unless I know who is calling.

19, Jul. 2018

I'm tired and irritable.

19, Jul. 2018

This call came on my cell phone.

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