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  • Regional statistics: La Grande, Oregon has a population of 12288 that is in a county of 9740 units. The city is in a county that is 2037 square miles. 541-786 is available through the regional telephone switch # PNTNORQCCM1 in the La Grande area.
  • Other cities located around La Grande: Oxbow (541-785) Winston (541-784) Grants Pass (541-787) Bend (541-788)
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27, Feb. 2017

suspected of dealing drugs

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18, Dec. 2014

This number calls almost everyday. Claims to be a Green Energy program with Nevada Power.

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27, May. 2014

this is the second call that I have reported to you. this is ridiculous! you ask them to stop calling and they either get rude with you or hang up on you and call with a different number. I have reported them and nothing is done about this company..

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2, Apr. 2012

Gave the police dept this number so they can deal with the harassment.

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9, Feb. 2012

to avoid any libel charges against the Commenter, I have remove the above comment. Thank you for using