Area Code 540

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Area code: 540
State: Virginia
Country: USA
28, Mar. 2017

Unknown number called yesterday, tried to answer but went right to voicemail instead. voicemail provider identified the calling number to be 540-751-3319. voicemail suggested they could help me sell my vehicle for a small fee that would be well worth my while as they have clients looking for similar. I see everyone posting about this relating to Craigs List ads. I just wanted to add that I'm from Canada and my vehicle is posted on Kijiji (our version of Craigs List). They called back today but did not leave a voicemail this time.

27, Mar. 2017

update: still in jail, really needs help

27, Mar. 2017

Keeps calling repeatedly! I don't answer and blocked one exchange! Now I'm getting a call from a number similar (last digit is different) so I'm sure it's the same people

24, Mar. 2017

TWO robo-calls occurred in one single night.

22, Mar. 2017

I keep filling out your forms but, like any other Feraral agency you sit on you asses and never do a damn thing!

21, Mar. 2017

I asked him to remove us from his list and never call again and then he told me that he would just call back later.

21, Mar. 2017

No answer - tried to '9' block it...though ones like this hardly ever call twice.

21, Mar. 2017

Said that they were going to issue a warrant for her arrest by tomorrow if she did not contact them and pay a certain amount.

19, Mar. 2017

They continue you to call, sometimes 2 times a day.

18, Mar. 2017

The caller id says it is a call from Jamaica but the caller is middle eastern.

17, Mar. 2017

I could not ask them to remove my number from their calling list.

17, Mar. 2017

Fake IRS caller.

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