Area Code 540

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Area code: 540
State: Virginia
Country: USA
16, Sep. 2017

They won't stop, I block one number and 'Payton' calls on another. I get 4 calls a day and texts and they won't stop. Weeks and weeks of calls from 'Payton' pleasemake them stop. My number was pulled from Craigslist 'Reply' area when I sold my RV. But despite having removed my number a week ago..... 'Payton ' keeps calling.

16, Sep. 2017

Fax tone voice mail . .. keeps calling back several times/day for fax. No fax here! Is someone prancing me?

7, Sep. 2017

I told her to take our number off the list and that I was reporting them for harassment.

4, Sep. 2017

This number has been a habitual caller over many months, if not years.

25, Aug. 2017

Typical hang up nuisance call.

25, Aug. 2017

Spam text message

19, Aug. 2017

This call was about settling credit card debt or consolidating it. I have no credit cards or debt. I tried explaining this but the woman continued to talk over me until I finally just hung up on her.

18, Aug. 2017

I tried to call this number back but it wouldn't ring. I get calls from this number numerous times and I would like to issue a complaint and to have them stop calling. We have an ill person in the home and we don't need additional stress.

18, Aug. 2017

Unsolicited pre-recorded ILLEGAL robocall offering to sell a car I have listed, despite the ad stating Do Not Contact if you are offering me a service. I've had this issue before with another company.....time to file FCC and Do Not Call Registry complaints until they stop!! Total spammer and a scammer too. They'll take your $200 and basically do nothing. Longwood Industries, DBA Total scumbags. They just make a new DBA when the old one gets played out.

14, Aug. 2017

Robocall. Scammer. Spoofed number

Alice T.
7, Aug. 2017

Called me at 8:13 AM. Answered. No one there.

25, Jul. 2017

Scam callers like this try to record you saying the word "yes" so they can authorize fraudulent payment of some type. Hard to avoid, so keep an eye on your personal accounts if you've been contacted by this type of scammer.

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