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18, Mar. 2017

The caller id says it is a call from Jamaica but the caller is middle eastern.

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22, Dec. 2016

Again they just called, answered they don't say anything.

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10, Feb. 2016

The most recent one is listed, but I could list a 100.

to shelly
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12, Jul. 2014

Shelly they might not be a scam but there tactics is illegal in most states ie calling people telling them false information to get your contact info etc oh and Also they do call more then 3 time I have recorded line so honey please upgrade your laws in each state. They by law can not say there is a law suit pending etc when it is not true. Statue of limitations for most collection is 3 to 6 years where they can still try collect on the debt but cannot sue. So get it together

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27, Jun. 2014

He is leaving me very disrespectful texts calling me names, but here's the kicker, I am married and have no clue who this guy is!! He just won't stop texting my phone

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26, Mar. 2014

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr -- this number is driving me nuts! I've reported it to the DoNotCall, but they keep calling

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26, Jul. 2013

We have repeatedly asked this company not to call. The phone rings 2 or 3 rings and no one is on the line when phone is answered. This is becoming a real nuisance and very frustrating because we have left many messages which have been ignored, and have been unable to speak with a live person.

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21, May. 2013

Says "your credit union card has been suspended" and has a fake web site to visit..... SCAM !!!!!

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18, May. 2013

This was an automated call.

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17, May. 2013

this was a text message asking me to approve of their calls.