Phone: 540-369-3052

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Fredericksbg, Virginia
Its exchange 369 is managed by AT&T - LOCAL - VA
The number is currently on switch number BEREVA019MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 30% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
There has been a total of 23 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "David wells, Sara"
19, Apr. 2012

This is the third different phone number from Amber Knight, claiming 'documents received' and wants to 'give you a chance to make a statement.' She doesn't ask for a person by name, does not identify herself working for any specific company. Today's message added the words "we've left several calls for you." Scam, scam, scam.

19, Apr. 2012

This is the third different phone number from Amber Knight, claiming 'documents received' and wants to 'give you a chance to make a statement.' She doesn't ask for a person by name, does not identify herself working for any specific company. Today's message added the words "we've left several calls for you today. I've only received one call from Amber Knight and 3 calls total over the past 2 months. I believe this is a scam BEWARE.

19, Apr. 2012

I have recieved two calls from Amber Knight, claiming 'documents received' and wants to 'give you a chance to make a statement.' She doesn't ask for a person by name, does not identify herself working for any specific company... Sounds like a collection call to me... If It is and I find out who... I'll sue, since I filed bankruptcy almost 2 years ago....

19, Apr. 2012

Kiss my a*s have nothing for me to sign. Stop hiding behind the automated system. Scam !!

19, Apr. 2012

I received 4 messages in 2 weeks from Amber Knight, informing our answering machine that she has left messages regarding a statement and that she wants to put our statement on file, and that it is important for us to call her back. No name specified on the message, no company name given. We have received collection calls for someone who falsely provided our phone number as theirs, so I don't automatically assume it is a scam, but given the lack of identification provided, I'm not inclined to return the call. I know we haven't done anything wrong.

1, May. 2012

Weird calls -- called my employer and said something about a "statement" -- my employer asked them not to call here again -- FISHY!

11, May. 2012

I received calls from David Wells, saying with his colleague or asst Amber Knight, I searched for the names and I got several results, including this number. But remarkably, they used a different number to call me. It is 5714824734 and most recently, 4242709593. This David wells left a message saying they are calling regarding a matter that was in his desk and wanted to discuss it. they did not say the business name or what matter it is, but is an issue. They even threatened that if I do not return the call, they would take that response. hmm my number is already in the do not call list, but still scammers keep calling. how can this be stopped.

23, Aug. 2012

She has called several times in the last month saying she has important documents on her desk. No one answers when you call back and they never say the company name. Sick of it!!

14, Sep. 2012

Got a recorded message today from someone staing they were from someplace named Sekat Financial. They did not identify themself by name only stating they were a debt collector and leaving a number to call them back. Until I see something SOLID, like a letter from them telling me who they are and what debt they are talking about, I'm not calling them back . To me it 's nothing more than LEGAL EXTORTION from these outfits and the government should come down HARD on all of them!!!!

2, Oct. 2012

This number has called me 6 times in the last week and has left voicemails. The messages say they are "CKS Financial, a debt collection agency" and that I need to call their office. Yeah, I don't have any debt, or any outstanding bills. Total scam!

9, Oct. 2012

someone from this number keeps calling my old job leaving automated messages for me to call them. I've had no time for that, but I did request that info be sent to me! we shall see what happens now!

10, Oct. 2012

I got several call from this number stating they are debt collectors, of course i do not answer calls from area codes i am unfamiliar with, a message was left on voice mail. I bet their family are proud of them being con artist

17, Oct. 2012

left message that is is CK Financial and that it is a debt collector and to call them. Did not say who they are trying to reach. Since I do not owe any debt I have not called as it is not an 800 number. Also Recently heard of a scam where they try to get your personal info after they scare you. This may be related.

18, Oct. 2012

Have been receiving automated calls from Amber Knight, and a David Wells. Both recordings say that they need me to call to make a statement, but never say for what and where they are calling from. I finally received a recorded call this morning saying that they are a collection company called CK Financial. Until they send me something in the mail, which is required by law, they will continue to be ignored. I have read so much about collection companies not following the required laws only to try and intimidate you into paying a bad debt that they bought..and may not even be your in the first place.

20, Oct. 2012

Called saying she is from CK Financial. The woman stated it is for a debt collection. The same message has come laterly from many different phone numbers, specifically from 757-296-0106 and 571-482-4734. In some ocassions the call comes from a man named David Wells. k

11, May. 2013

this so called collection agency called saying they have important documents but do not leave a name i called tyhe company back and spoke to aAmber Night She informed me that I have an outstanding credit card debt with a bank i have never done buisness with. I checked my credit report and have no such accounts on there I am going to go to the police and file a report with them because this company has my full info and something really does seam fishy about them.

11, Apr. 2014

I believe this to be scam as well I have tracked this number to several states. I believe this people to get your address send money orders to your address then request you send cash back, They operate under a "mystery shopper" ring. I have the local police, better business bureau and banking officials trying to catch these people. SO BEWARE

Mrs J
24, Apr. 2014

Call prompt voice mail - just dead silence, they just keep calling, This is annoying and totally uncalled for even for a debt collector.

30, Apr. 2014

They called me and said they had papers from the county clerks office. But they got the clerks office name wrong. So I called attorney friend of mine and he did a search for my name in the county. There was nothing. SO BEWARE. Don't let them trick or scare you.

9, May. 2014

Said "this is Sara & your file was assigned to me &I would like to get to know U". I called & some rude, arrogant guy answered. He kept asking for my name & I kept asking for his & ju Dr tt hung up. This is a true case of hidden identity & harassment.

31, May. 2014

I used to work for cks financial! They arent a scam They are a debt collection agency! Amber knight and david wells r managers there. Most of the time they dnt leave specific names on voicemails because the messages r automated and go out to several different people that we had debts for! To be able to vrfy debt collection agencies r legit and not scams, try checking ur credit report! It will say cks right on there! Not the original creditor u went through when you fell behind on & was sent to collections! It amazese how some people jump to conclusion and say its a scam! When the real scam is signing a contract with a company, borrowing the funds & never repaying it!!!! Now thats the scam! But again for anyone who isnt 100% sure about a collections agency but u know you have debt out there.... check your credit report! The real collection agency that is legitimately handling your past due acct will show up on it! Good luck & pay your bills!! Ps. By law they dont call more then 3 times a day! You most likely have more then one debt collection agency calling you!

2, Jul. 2014

This number has called me over 15 times within the same month. At first, they left a silent 2-second recorded message. After the 10th call, they left a 9-second recorded message saying something I can't comprehend. I blocked this caller, but they still kept calling and leaving messages.

to shelly
12, Jul. 2014

Shelly they might not be a scam but there tactics is illegal in most states ie calling people telling them false information to get your contact info etc oh and Also they do call more then 3 time I have recorded line so honey please upgrade your laws in each state. They by law can not say there is a law suit pending etc when it is not true. Statue of limitations for most collection is 3 to 6 years where they can still try collect on the debt but cannot sue. So get it together

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