Area Code 530

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Area code: 530
State: California
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2017

I got the exact same call.

10, Aug. 2017

blocked caller after it came up on my c-phone

7, Aug. 2017

I got a call from this number, did not pick up (unrecognized). I decided to google it to research name of company and if I should answer if they call back . Well, I decided to ignore this number.

31, Jul. 2017

Did not complete call nor left a message. My cell nmbr is for family only and this number is now part of a growing list of blocked numbers. Good luck. FCC do not call registry has become saturated and practically useless due to lack of personnel and a saturated judicial system.

28, Jul. 2017

I say start calling their business number looked up hometown security. Just call them and hang up on them every time u get a call from this telemarketer. I said politely wasn't interested and please take my number off list they hung up before I could say that. They call everyday here is their corp number of u want to have fun back with them. 732-441-9904

Really? Why they wouldn't tell me their's
26, Jul. 2017

I have no student loans. FOR 2 YEARS IN NOVEMBER this same call has happened. repeatedly numerous times daily sometimes only stopping when I block their # & they move on to another set of phone #s. Any reputable place would listen & tell u how to opt out. Don't opt out more than once on the recording..... once yes. Two or more times.... they attack u with more companies & more #s. I never ever wanna change my # again. Who knows whst

24, Jul. 2017

scammer tele boiler operation

19, Jul. 2017

First time they called , didn't answer the call, they didn't leave a message...blocked #.

17, Jul. 2017

Call offered a complimentary stay at a Marriott Hotel. When I pressed #1 (as asked) a man answered asking me my name , I gave it and Immediately he cut me off. A SCAM

12, Jul. 2017

These skadouche monkeys need to be put down. They call at 5:30am or 11:45pm... Everyday or every other day. If you pick up when they call, ask to speak to the manager and then tell the manager to please stop calling, the manager hangs up on you. If you block them, they change phone numbers... They won't stop. If ANYONE on this planet needs to be hacked and have their systems fried it's these guys!

12, Jul. 2017

I know to have the two and she's a good person she helps the homeless and she does right by many. You must have done something wrong. To her to make her do wrong to you so stop talking shit

8, Jul. 2017

American Congress and Reinvestment Act permanently reducing your electric bill unto 60% through the US renewable energy program.

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