Phone: 530-619-3038

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Colusa, California (619) exchange.
Around 45% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 31 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "ibart, Anthony"
10, Dec. 2012

Tried to tell me Microsoft was going to give me a refund. Told him to stick it and stop calling. He then became ugly and said alot of profanity. I blew a duck call in his ears after he called 3 times back to back and would not stop harassing. he finally stopped after laughing at him and making him mad. Weiner...

11, Jan. 2013

do not answer there questions

15, Jan. 2013

Same as Lisa. Said he was with Microsoft and that they had received error messages from my Windows 7 computer. Told him I didn't have Windows 7, I have a Mac. We were then disconnected.

17, Jan. 2013

i too got a call from this number, missed the call, no message left, the thing i found interesting was my ip address was on the call display along with this phone number. my local phone company is aware and there is nothing to worry about as long as you simply hang up. I really enjoyed Lisa's use of the duck call, lmao, good job girl!!!

21, Jan. 2013

after he started to speak put my Toby Keith CD to good use it is the line we'll kick your A**..hehehe Don't think he likes country music..

25, Jan. 2013

Caller said he was from microsoft and that there were error messages on my computer. When I said I had 2 computers with microsoft on them, and which one, he said the one with either vista or 7. He had me go through a protocol to show me that there were indeed error messages that were slowing my computer down. He asked me to type in a website that would allow him to access my computer. I did not download the information and we were cut off. He tried to call back again but I did not answer it. I tried to look for a scam about the computer, but it wasn't until I checked the number that I cam across this one. I am glad I didn't allow him access to do anything on my computer. Hang up. Don't give them the time of day. They prey on people who are computer illiterate.

28, Jan. 2013

Called my home and stated he was from Microsoft calling about a virus that I have on my computer. He wanted to know if I was at my computer at that moment and I said no. He was insistent that I go to my computer and get on the system so he can talk me through the fix for my system. I refused to do so and told him I'd know if I had a computer problem and would call my own tech person if needed and I hung up. The caller was a guy with a heavy foreign accent, so much so that he was difficult to understand. He called at 12:04 pm from 530-619-3038.

29, Jan. 2013

Who is trying to kill you? These calls are an indicator that you are ther victim of organized harrassment. The goal of this harrassment is your death and it is perfectly legal in Canada. Criminal Code of Canada 228. Killing by influence on the mind 228. No person commits culpable homicide where he causes the death of a human being (a) by any influence on the mind alone, or (b) by any disorder or disease resulting from influence on the mind alone, but this section does not apply where a person causes the death of a child or sick person by wilfully frightening him. How do you commit homicide by influence on the mind? From my experiences and from what I have read, homicide by influence on the mind is committed using Mobbing and Gangstalking techniques.

30, Jan. 2013

il m a apeler par téléphone me demande si je suis sur mon ordinateur mais il parle l anglais je ne parle pas l anglais il rogne et me demande si je parle espaglol non plus il rogne encore et je lui racroche au nez son numéro de téléphone 530 619 3038

6, Feb. 2013

I don't usually answer calls that I don't recognize, but this number looked familiar. He had a very heavy accent and was very rude. He said he was Michael from Florida working for a tech support company for Windows. He said there were error messages being reported from my computer. I kept asking him what company he was with. He just kept saying he needed to check my Windows computer. I told him I wasn't giviing permission to a stranger to get into my computer and he started to argue with me. He said my computer will crash if I don't get it fixed. I told him I have my own tech that will take care of my computer if anything is wrong with it. He started yelling at me and I told him I would never allow such a rude person to work on my computer. He was still yelling something when I hung up. The funny thing is that we recently disabled all Windows automatic updates because it was disconnecting our internet service. For a split second I thought he might be legit, but I still wasn't going to give him access to my computer.

8, Feb. 2013

this was a chick with a heavy heavy accent, couldnt understand her at first..she rambled about my computer..told her to repeat herself...once she did..i told her i didnt have a the big hang up...

9, Feb. 2013

jagoff that called me had Iranian accent

19, Feb. 2013

my boyfriend and i got a call from this number earlier today, had an accent i couldn't place, called and said they were from windows microsoft, and were calling over a computer with the windows microsoft software on it.. we have 3.. handed the phone to my boyfriend who basically told him to f**k off and get a life and to stop calling.. haven't received another call from them YET, but wouldn't surprise me to get another one at some point

20, Feb. 2013

Apu calls here once every day or more, he has harassed my parents, argues with them and continues to tell them he will not stop calling. My mother has a Heart condition and this is causing us grief to no end. I called Bell Telephone, and can have this number blocked for a fee only to have them use another line, and the harassment continues again. I am going to report them to the POLICE. I am going to tell them they are making death threats by telephone, because that is what they are doing. Last laugh will be on them, the losers, and Microsoft can F-Off too for doing nothing about this fraudulent activity in it's name. If it was Ford or GM, I bet the unionist-as could pull their plug. These boiler room people think they are just doing a job. Well they are going to get an invoice for my time at 1000$ a minute.

22, Feb. 2013

This is so stupid, sat there on the phone arguing with this guy that nothing is wrong with my computer, tells me he's from Microsoft. Also told him that if I had any issues, I would find someone else I KNOW to help me. He kept telling me I didn't know what I was talking about because I'm not a tech. Wtf? Do these people know how to scam? So bad. Want to report the number but it's routed so even if you do, they will still call because it's not they're actual number.

6, Mar. 2013

Micro soft should slam these crooks to the floor instead they want you to report software pirates. We can only do so much of your job Microsoft. Theses crooks call once or twice a day. If I had an alternative I would use that OS. Its in your Court now Microsoft.

9, Mar. 2013

Same as many but did not say they were from Microsoft they said that they were from windows 8 and was asking is I had a windows computer running.. as I proceed to ask him where he was calling from cause microsoft the owner/producer of window is not in California which is where he call was traced too.. He hung up very quickly!

10, Mar. 2013

Received a call from 530-619-3038. Heavy Indian accent. Something about my computer "polluting the network". Said he is from Windows Support located in Australia. I told him to f** off and hung up. Mistake on my part. He got really mad and calls me regularly now. Apparently they have a lot of stolen calling cards

1, Jun. 2013

they call everyday, sometimes 2 times a day, I've tried to answer to tell them to quit calling, no answer, but one time a woman said I was going to die! That's the only communication from them. I tried returning the call and a recorded message says the phone # is no longer in service.

29, Jul. 2013

They hung up before my hubby answered, I blocked the number. Here's the thing that really irks me is they get widowed elderly who live far from family and they access their computers with this bull. Luckily, my friend had nothing on her computer for them to use to their benefit but she did buy into it.

23, Oct. 2013

Microsoft would never call!

26, Oct. 2013

glad i hit *69 to see the last number called and then found all these comments.. same as many - said was from the IT technical department with Microsoft.. and they were receiving error messages from my computer.. had me look up my CSID or something and it did match plus he had my name and the phone number i was at which was my cottage.. i asked him how he got that phone number -its one i never give out.. he did not have a good answer or a convoluted one about a router etc... using technical mumbo jumbo that would sound legit and really i am not a technical expert on the topic.. it really freaks me out that he had my name, number and CSID.. feel like i am being watched. I would not let him connect or have me run anything on my computer and he asked me to make a telephone call from my computer which i said no - in fact i disconnected from th internet at the start of the call... anyway the computer belongs to my employer so i told him i am not comfortable doing any of the things he asked and i said i will take it to my IT dept.! now i feel dumb - i asked him if it was safe to keep using it until then and he said 'ya sure'.. at least there was no swearing or rudeness like i read from others and really hope the way it ended i won't get any call backs!! pretty sad that they try to make victims of us and prey on our vulnerabilties.

31, Oct. 2013

Guy told me where he was calling from, Microsoft Windows. Heard about this on the news. He didn't get a chance to say much, as I told him this was scam and don't call here again and slammed the receiver down in his ear. Almost got scammed a few months ago, by person calling from ASUS re my windows program. Don't listen to any of these guys, nothing but major scammers.

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