Area Code 520

Additional information:

Area code: 520
State: Arizona
Country: USA
22, May. 2018

They are offer to reduce our credit card payments.

21, May. 2018

Answered the call and no one spoke. Complete silence for 9 seconds. They hung up after my 2nd "hello"

21, May. 2018

These are repeated calls nearly every day with the message regarding senior citizens and medicare.

21, May. 2018

Called me and left a message stating i was under fraud of tax evasion and that they were issuing a warrant for my arrest. Called back but the number would hang up itself.

19, May. 2018

I stopped him and told him to never call me again but the same number called 11/1.

19, May. 2018

accept this call press 1,,,, left on voice mail

19, May. 2018

I received this phone call at 12:38 pm on 5/31/2014.

19, May. 2018

This piece of shit is selling puppies again, don't support this criminal. He used to sell guns in Backpage, has a record in Alaska and Arizona.

18, May. 2018

Left text saying i violated Facebook and my account would be suspended if I didn't click the link. I did not click. I suggest you don't either.

18, May. 2018

The first time I picked up (after several calls) I told them the person they were looking for is not at this number.

17, May. 2018

Fake cancer charity. No matter how many times I ask them to please stop calling they just keep calling using different numbers. Only fake charity never use the same number.

16, May. 2018

Not available at time of call.

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