Area Code 520

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Area code: 520
State: Arizona
Country: USA
15, Aug. 2017

It is from road side assistance. If you called for a tow they are calling to confirm it arrived and picked up your car

11, Aug. 2017

The caller ID registered as 213-660-2240. When I tried to call that number, I received a recording saying that my call cannot be completed as dialed. The number left by "Taylor" is 520-900-8407. She didn't mention my name --- so I'm guessing she didn't have a list of names.

7, Aug. 2017

No message, they call on muted phone to collect information to sell. Report to FBI

30, Jul. 2017

Not sure who's #it is

26, Jul. 2017

This number has been calling me, often times, multiple times per day, for the past few months. No message is ever left, and when I call the number, I just get a busy signal...Must not be important, or whoever it is would've simply left a message months ago!

25, Jul. 2017

they just called. left no message.

22, Jul. 2017

Called no voice mail

15, Jul. 2017

It's collections for credit one bank, they'll call you 10x a day even if you're current and just over your credit limit

14, Jul. 2017

Keeps calling me but do not say anything..just silent on their end. Reallllly getting on my nerves

13, Jul. 2017

Wanted to fix a problem with my computer. Scammer!

Donna Baia
11, Jul. 2017

I'm not complaining and I'm not really searching it's someone I met on the internet and it's a girl and she says she's in Oakland California but I haven't heard her voice she only sends me text messages and pictures. My emotions for this person are increasing rapidly. I don't understand why she did not she cannot call me you know I know she has a good phone because she can receive my photos you know and she can send pictures but their pictures that are not taken right then and there you know what I mean like a date stamp picture. My phone is a Samsung Note 5 . It has 64 GB . I know if a phone is not capable to receive my kind of megapixel it won't go through but mine goes through so she's got a good phone if it's hers. If she is a she. I called the number and it sounded like a black man's voice saying his name was Andrew. It's sort of garbled so it's really kind of hard to hear it and she keeps telling me that she's on some kind of restriction or I don't get it before I get too emotionally involved I'd rather just gently Bow Wow out you know what I mean cuz you don't you never know on this internet thing you know and I'm I wear my heart on my sleeve

9, Jul. 2017

This caller calls our office every day.

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