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Stop Junk Calls
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18, Mar. 2016 Reply

(520) 413-3314 called and did not leave any message. Suspect unwanted call. Blocked.

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11, Mar. 2016 Reply

list what good is to have get them to stop please they also called june 2 at 12:28 and 12:06

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2, Oct. 2015 Reply

When will these people stop calling us?

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17, Jun. 2015 Reply

I work at a school district. 520-413-1252 called. When I picked up there was no one there.

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3, Jun. 2015 Reply

I am receiving repeated phone calls claiming that a Medical Alert system & shipping have already been paid for.

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10, Apr. 2015 Reply

I looked up the number on line and there are numerous complaints that it is a scam

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16, Mar. 2015 Reply

We sometimes get 2-3 calls a week from these people and we have been asking them to stop calling us for more than 3 years now.

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5, Dec. 2014 Reply

This companies are using an auto dialer system and use several different outbound numbers from different states.

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22, Jan. 2014 Reply

they call several times a day after being asked not to call.

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9, Oct. 2013 Reply

This number calls me everyday twice a day. I have tried to leave a message and tried to call back to tell them to stop calling but I can not leave a message. It is just a recording.

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13, Jun. 2013 Reply

Found out this is a bail bondsman service in Phoenix, AZ. Not sure why they keep calling the business where I work.

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15, Mar. 2013 Reply

Last time I looked, there were 760 complaints against them on Google. This has been going on about once a week since the first of the year.

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14, Jan. 2013 Reply

These calls happen DAILY. For months, I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling. I have never been their customer, and I never intend to be.