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18, Feb. 2018

They said I visited an affiliates website but I didn't give out my phone number to any web site

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10, Jan. 2018

This is one of about 5 numbers I will be complaining about today.

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3, Jun. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't know. Hell I barely pick up when it's a friend calling! I searched for this number online and I think it's bill collectors called Credit One Bank. Are they calling just me or others are getting these as wel?

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11, Jul. 2016

They called my office. I answered but nothing there. They disconnected the call.

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3, Sep. 2015

Getting calls daily. Usually let the machine get it & usually a few beeps are left. Tonight I picked up & didn't say anything - just listened. A shrill voice said "Hello!" & then they hung up.

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6, Nov. 2014

Have asked several times to stop calling

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16, Oct. 2014

I asked them not to call me again, but they hung up as I was telling them.

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22, Jun. 2014

They call 2 to 3 times aday with arecorded message that asks question and is programed to respond to your reply. I called the number back to get a recorded message and if you want to be takened off the key in your number. I have done this 4 times and continue to call.

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20, Mar. 2014

called at 2am East Coast time. unable to call back. number is out of service

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24, Jan. 2014

Calls all the time & nobody there...just hangs up. I call the number and a recording says the number is not in service! I need to get it blocked!!!

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3, Oct. 2013

Telemarketer? I think it's a scam. when I questioned the guy he hung up.

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14, Aug. 2013

Why are these companies allowed to continue to stoop to dialing numbers listed on the do not call list.

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15, Apr. 2013

This place keeps calling my home. When you call them back there is no answer.

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20, Feb. 2013

The rep says nothing and hangs the phone up. Upon attempting to recall the number, it seems to be a non working number.

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13, Aug. 2012

These people have to be stopped!! I am beginning to lose confidence in your service. I have received similar calls multiple times on both my mobile and home phones, both of which are registered. This time it was on my mobile phone. When I ask them to take me off their call list or I would report them, the person responded with threats and very profane language.

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21, Jun. 2012

These people have been calling over many many months and have been asked to stop but don't. We reported them to you a few days ago and today we have gotten two more calls where they don't even bother to speak and then we hang up. Is there a way to make them stop calling?

Brent C. Chandler
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3, Nov. 2011

no that's a scam marie! got one in the mail, too. don't cash it. if you do, they might take the funds from your bank account and then the check bounces, another charge. beware! throw it in the trash!