Area Code 519

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Area code: 519
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
25, Apr. 2017

nobody at the other end, just silence. Called it back, the number is not in service.

21, Apr. 2017

Says I paid $200 extra when I bought my computer. I played along because I knew it was a scam, I built my computer. I asked him where he was at and he said California, so I asked him for the zip code there. His answer was four digits long and started with a 1. After I called him out on it, he pretended to not be able to hear me while he looked up the real zip code, kept saying hello, hello are you there? This whole time I was googling his company and the phone number he called from. He's in Canada. He knew the gig was up and claims to of added me to the DNC list after my 15 minute mind game. HeHe.

21, Apr. 2017

"Hi my name is David from The Technical Dept. of Windows Conputers. There is a problem with your Windows Computer....." I don't have a Windows Computer Stated they were located in Santa Cruz, CA SCAMMERS!!!!

19, Apr. 2017

They disrupt my work day meals and family time .

15, Apr. 2017

What kind of scam were they up to, exactly? they called me several times but never left any message to me... so I wondered...

4, Apr. 2017

Constant harassment by calls from this number and related numbers (-9724, -9726, associated with Kitchener ON), late afternoon daily, that do not speak to the answering machine (but occasionally it is clear when screening via answering machine that there is someone on the other end). Attempts to return calls are met with a busy signal. Possibly a spoofed number calling from overseas.

31, Mar. 2017

I have not been able to answer no message has ever been given.

24, Mar. 2017

They also never leave a message.

21, Mar. 2017

If they don't leave messages its most likely spam or hoax, computer dialled pain in the ass crap!!!

21, Mar. 2017

When trying to call them back the number is just a busy signal.

19, Mar. 2017

The calling company left a call back number.

2, Mar. 2017

Lets get this scammer to stop calling people it is so annoying to have this happen to you.....really... 519-749-1076 Just want it to stop......

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