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28, Sep. 2016

I cannot ask them to stop calling.

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29, Jun. 2016

Spoke automated voice, telling me I was going to be arrested, if I didn't call back. Then wished me luck

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12, Apr. 2016

My records show that wwe have been receiving calls from this number all year long.

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28, Jan. 2016

Calls constantly. Must be a scammer

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21, Jan. 2016

I didn't answer call. It's unknown if it is a recorded call.

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6, Dec. 2014

Calls multiple times a day; we are on do not call list but still get these calls.

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10, Jan. 2014

This number called me stating on a recorded line that i had to claim something. gave a number to call in return do not call or trust it,

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6, Dec. 2012

They call here all the time with a recorded message. Today I was connected to a person. When I asked her to take me off their list since we are on the do not call list, she hung up on me. When I tried to call the number back, it said it couldn't be completed as dialed.

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29, Nov. 2012

These phone numbers are all related. When I picked up the phone, the auto response computerized voice says they will help me. I put those numbers in my reject lists but thir auto redailing system keeps calling multiple times if I don't pick up the phones. Its very annoying. It does everyday and I am receuving their auto calls at leadt 10 times a day. Please investigate. Thanks.

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1, Jun. 2012

Our number has been on the Do Not Call Registry since the Registry started.

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6, Apr. 2012

Caller text me claiming to be a police officer by the name of St. Watson of the Watervliet Police Department.