Phone: 517-641-2387

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Bath, Michigan
Its exchange 641 is managed by VERIZON NORTH INC. - MI
The number is currently on switch number BATHMIXGRS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 33% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 6 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Amanda, Breast Cancer S"
8, Aug. 2013

I have received about 11 calls from these people, and the times that I did not pick up, no message but a dial tone!!! When I had spoke w/a person from this place they want u to give $$$ to the "Cause"!!! I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST, but it never has helped stop this cruel way of getting $$ ...I have lost family members from cancer and it really leaves me to wonder why they are able to get away w/this!?!

6, Mar. 2014

Being a BC survivor I answered assuming it was a legit place perhaps doing a survey which I am always willing to participate in. But, they asked for my husband and were VERY persistent even had the audacity to ask for my debit or cc info! I hung up on them, because they would not listen to my questions!

7, Sep. 2014

The lady greeted me by saying "You are harder to get hold of than my kids!" to which I replied ...."I'm sorry I missed you earlier... when did you call?" At that point she went into her spiel. I asked again, "When did you call, because I have had a problem with some calls that might not be getting through." At this point she politely terminated the call, at which point I said, "You are clearly following a script and had not tried to get me before."

1, Oct. 2014

They are scamming sympathetic people in the name of breast cancer victims. When I asked "Amanda" what portion of the money they collect is overhead and what portion is used to benefit breast cancer victims, she said "I am glad you asked that; 15% of the money collected goes to fighting breast cancer and 85% is for expenses." When I told her that she is just ripping people off in the name of breast cancer she cut the call short. I should have asked her the name of the SOB at the head of the organization so I could find and expose him (or her).

3, Nov. 2014

Breast cancer s is what caller ID says.. However the first girl asked for the donation for people who can't afford screening battling and research said it was October breast cancer awareness month..hmm I thought it's. Nov. She then asked for forty for the highest pledge they ask for...I said like a question...I could? Wanting to hear the other amounts ...she then said oh great I'll transfer you to a donation specialist... I heard no transfer click or pause just another girl come on and say...ah yeah you spoke to Sarah and want to donate forty dollars..I said well she never gave me any other amounts like say twenty..there was a five second or so pause and she said so how do you want to pay for that? MasterCard, Visa or discover? I said, I don't do credit cards on the phone just send me something in the mail...there was silence..I said hello? There was no answer so I hung up...My bank had contacted my to let me Know Masterceard had a breach in info... I feel this is part of that since I have an unlisted number and where else would they get my name attached with it? Hmm scam in my book.

2, Apr. 2015

Woman has called twice today, asking for my husband. When I asked her what the call was about, she said she'd call back and hung up the first time. The second time I told her he was in a hospice care facility and would not be coming home. Didn't catch what she said, but she again hung up.

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