Phone: 516-340-3006

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Cold Spg Hbr, New York (340) exchange.
Around 58% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Dee, anonymus"
23, Jul. 2012

They just keep calling over and over and no one ever speaks and when you call it back it just rings 2 times and it hangs up

22, Aug. 2012

keeps calling and noone answers and when i call back that number it says its not in service at this time.

29, Aug. 2012

this "unknown name" calls 3-4 times a day and leaves no message. Sometimes, the caller will hangup before the machine comes on.

31, Aug. 2012

Don't know who keeps calling me. As others have mentioned 3-4 times a day, and different times starting at 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. This has been going on for a week now. No message is ever left by caller.

19, Nov. 2012

calls a couple of times a day every day and says nothing!

20, Nov. 2012

Calling my cell phone daily, no message!

23, Nov. 2012

They won't stop calling me! How did they even get my number?! It's annoying as can be. Everytime they call, I just press ignore. How do I stop them?

santa ken
25, Nov. 2012

calls doesnt leave message , i have found out majority of calls come from job searches . i unsubscribed to all job search sites and all calls have stopped except this one .

26, Nov. 2012

called for several days and left no message, pu tthe number on phone block, they still call even though they get a busy signal.

27, Nov. 2012

call and leave no message- what the hey!!!

27, Nov. 2012

Just started calling me today and when I *67 my number then call them back the phone only rings once and I can tell it's going to a call center bcuz I hear all type of chatter in the background, but the person I get hold to doesn't open up with a professional line like "Hi, this is Incorated Jackasses, how can I help u" no they just say HELLO HELLO WHO IS THIS KEEP CALLING WHO IS THIS! I don't say nothing just listen then hang up. I wish they would stop calling my phone, maybe I need to call them back and tell them to stop calling.

28, Nov. 2012

they called non stop... finally i called back and its "fine the right job"... i apparently clicked on their website at some point. the lady was nice and i told her i'm not interested. hopefully they won't call back....

24, May. 2013

Called number back from another phone and was hung up on twice after a live voice said "hello". Then called back from phone and a female answered from a call center background asking for my daughter by name. She said it was called Find A Job and my daughter signed up for it. You can talk them or ask to be removed from call list.

28, May. 2013

They keep calling. They are retarded and I wanna kick they a*s to the moon. Stop or ill report them to the A.S.P.C.A

11, Jun. 2013

They keep calling me too! It says it's some number from New York and I don't know anyone who lives there.

13, Jun. 2013

omfg wtf. im tired of getting called. i only have 300 mins. f**k off

14, Jun. 2013

when it called ni one answerd nd i called nd blocked my number and a gy sayd tht he was busy prank alling people nd i said choing shwa taschlol omfgg

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