Area Code 515

Additional information:

Area code: 515
State: Iowa
Country: USA
20, Mar. 2018

Can you help, please?

19, Mar. 2018

Being sued by uncle sam.

18, Mar. 2018

A law firm was mentioned as overseeing the prize which would be delivered 4/3/15 between 9 & 11 a.m. but I did not write down the name at the time.

18, Mar. 2018

I ask to be removed from their lists and they say they will but I am still getting them.

18, Mar. 2018

Getting numerous marketing calls lately.

17, Mar. 2018

This person who constantly calls is insane stop calling.

15, Mar. 2018

This company has called us many times on both my cell phone and our home phone.

15, Mar. 2018

This is my private cell phone number, telemarketers are apparently using it for spoofing. I did not personally call you.

My phone number
15, Mar. 2018

The number is my regular phone number and I am tired people call my phone number for the tru green company Please change the number correct is 515-289-0002

13, Mar. 2018

these people don't stop calling

12, Mar. 2018

When the option is chosen, they still continue to call every 3 to 4 days.

12, Mar. 2018

Recorded message to make money "$500,000" in my pocket. Recording said to press 1 for more info. I did not do this so as not to incite more calls.

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