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Phone number: 515-248-7685

is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Its exchange 248 is managed by QWEST CORPORATION - IA.

The number is currently on switch number DESMIADTDS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 26% of people reported it as "Unknown"

You are the 6th person to search for it here. There has been a total of 15 comments left about the number.

Latest people reported the number as that of "National Geographic, 5152487685"

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Have call blocked but still makes it into my voicemail. Few seconds of voicemail sounds like a call from a call center. No one identifies themself.

Reported 13, Jun. 2012.

Stop calling We don't want to talk or listen to you!

Reported 14, Sep. 2012.

How can the Govt. get in involved with these scam number. Needs to stop.

Reported 19, Dec. 2012.

Calls once a day, every day! I'm tired of it!

Reported 27, Feb. 2013.

They call just about every other day and won't leave a message. This has been going on for months.

Reported 28, Feb. 2013.

NOT National Geographic calling; it's a rip-off subscription business that may also try to convince you that a subscription is up for renewal. If you do order a magazine, it will cost 3-5 times more than a subscription directly from the magazine. Warning: If you've ever ordered a magazine by credit card on the internet, contact the credit card company and get a new card. (Probably a good idea to do periodically anyway.) I didn't pick up until too late that I had been billed twice for a magazine I had canceled - total $124 for a magazine that could have been ordered directly and gotten a special for $10. That same outfit followed up with a renewal notice to me for National Geographic, which I've never subscribed to in my life. Had I not changed my credit card number, a subscription for $100+ would have appeared. Calls go to my voice mail, they never leave a message. Added hazard: When you pick up a solicitation call, and especially "click X if you want to be removed from the call list" from an automated call, it simply validates a phone number is still active. That gets us on even more call lists. There's gotta be a way to have the "Do Not Call" registry penalty imposed.

Reported 8, Mar. 2013.

Why can't the govt. fine these people? Make them PAY!!!!!! They are impersonating National Geographic. They should be fined and jailed for fraud. Seriously, this type of crime is so disruptive to so many, it should require JAIL TIME.

Reported 27, Mar. 2013.

Just started getting calls from this number 2 days ago. In the past, caller ID always showed National Geographic, but yesterday no name was listed. Fortunately, I invested in a Panasonic phone which has call blocking capabilities. What a lifesaver!! You simply "save" the phone number to callblock list and when they call again (which they do!) they get a busy signal. It rings once at your end, shows incoming call, then call blocked. You can store up to 30 numbers to call block. And our landline has been on the DNC list since it first came out!

Reported 4, Apr. 2013.

@florida: It may not be National Geographic, but they appear to have what should be confidential information about National Geographic orders and/or subscriptions. National Geographic has some responsibility here, so complaining to them is justified.

Reported 19, Apr. 2013.

I'm getting these calls on my cell phone and I am on the do not call list. I have no associations with Nat Geo nor do I have any other subscription magazines. There's no valid reason for them to be calling me.

Reported 29, May. 2013.

I called and someone answered named Karen? Saying she was from national geographic and asked for my address and all of this nonsense when I asked them to stop calling me lol. Has anyone called them back?

Reported 27, Jun. 2013.

My phone number is unlisted. This number has been harassing me day and night... non-stop calling... never a message. As a (paid for) unlisted number, I should not have to put up with this. But it gets worse. I also pay for Call Block service from Verizon. I tried to block this number from calling me again. Verizon's automated message informed me that I could NOT block this number. They didn't tell me why. I'm furious, and ready to demand a refund for my Call Block service.

Reported 16, Oct. 2013.

rings twice & hangs up

Reported 20, Nov. 2013.

Calls every other day, does not leave a message.

Reported 22, Dec. 2014.

It was very strange. I picked up the phone and they already knew my address, zip code, and last name. Clearly this number has done some snooping around. National Geographic needs to pay for this.

Reported 10, Jul. 2015.

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