Area Code 514

Additional information:

Area code: 514
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
15, Jan. 2018

It is always a robot and then asks if you are the person they are calling.

14, Jan. 2018

No message is left if I don't answer the call but the calls continue.

13, Jan. 2018

I told him I would have to call him back when I had time.

M. Tremblay
12, Jan. 2018

They leaved me a message about an invoice, I never do any order whit them... the girl was a bit crazy on the phone

11, Jan. 2018

We continually receive this recorded me

9, Jan. 2018

an unreliable phone number, it called me many times but I didnt answer.. one time I called back and I heard the automatic response voice who said they are from somewhere of RBC and something esle but I think that`s not right.....then I stopped the call...

9, Jan. 2018

Then I started receiving calls again in March.

8, Jan. 2018

I have not asked the company not to call anymore, because I donŐt pick up the phone anymore, as I understand that just encourages them.

6, Jan. 2018

did not leave message

6, Jan. 2018

This happens on a monthly basis.

6, Jan. 2018

Research shows a collection agency owns the number.

4, Jan. 2018

Maria called twice. Left VM saying she is from parcel express and a parcel needs to be dropped off, and left a phone number along with a tracking number: 143330 - 18005653130. Of course when I checked out the tracking number on the parcel express website, it was invalid. Enough to prove it is a scam. Besides, I was not expecting any parcel.

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