Phone: 514-400-2199

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Montreal, Quebec (400) exchange.
Around 45% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 11 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Centre de Nettoyage, unknow"
22, Aug. 2012

i have received 4 calls from this number over the lat 8 days. Nobody speaks for about 4 seconds, then they hang up. These calls are menacing in nature. are they checking to see if someone is home?

27, Aug. 2012

30, Aug. 2012

calls all the time without leaving a message and when you pick there is no answer

7, Sep. 2012

Have received calls from this number for the past two weeks. There is silence on the other end and then the line gets disconnected after several seconds.

14, Sep. 2012

annoying, creepy, etc. tried to block it but Videotron could not why not?

20, Sep. 2012

I get one call from this number, every day, for at least the past month. Very annoying. I answered once, and no one was there. I tried calling it from a different number, and the message is: "The magic jack subsciber you called can not be reached". What the hell do they want?

28, Sep. 2012

Not sure what is going on but it is obvliously some sort of a scam. When you call it back there is just a busy signal. I am not sure whay it is so tough to block callers considering how easy it is to block e-mail junk mail.

1, Oct. 2012

Same here. I answer, they ( or he-she-it... !!! ) hang up.

5, Nov. 2012

# times a day and no one at the other end of the line!! can this be stopped?

4, Jul. 2013

call display shows this number, tried the number and Bell indicates that it is an invalid number....likely telemarketer or fraud

24, Jul. 2013

I just don't answer those unknown numbers. This time they left a message: nettoyage de tapis, vitres, etc. Nothing to worry about, just some other telemarketing stuff.

30, Jul. 2013

Faites une Plainte sur le site de la Liste nationale de numéros de télécommunication exclus. Please take 5 minutes and place a complain at National Do Not Call List

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