Area Code 513

Additional information:

Area code: 513
State: Ohio
Country: USA
20, Mar. 2018

This is apparently a fax number continually calling our phone.

20, Mar. 2018

Same stupid call AGAIN about winning a cruise.

20, Mar. 2018

no message left - i called back - after ringing several times it switched to a fast busy signal - my guess is a telemarketer I have blocked the number from my phone for future reference

19, Mar. 2018

My cell phone is on the national do not call list, but I've been applying for jobs lately, so perhaps my number has been sold to marketers.

19, Mar. 2018

He reached out to us for the flashmob as well. So thankful for this page!!

19, Mar. 2018

Says they are with the government and my name is included on a claim.

19, Mar. 2018

I ask them to remove my number and they either laugh or tell me i better sit and listen

19, Mar. 2018

They call multiple times a day. This has been happening for months now. Usually we ignore the call. Even when I answer and request them to stop calling, they respond we'll call in two hours.

18, Mar. 2018

Before I finish asking to be removed they hang up.

17, Mar. 2018

I realize this process takes time, just wanted to include number with this and hope I don't have to bother you further with this.

16, Mar. 2018

Called right as my alarm was going off so I had to decline to turn the alarm off. I couldn't have answered with it going off. Glad I didn't answer as the person just sat heavy breathing during the message for 10 seconds.

16, Mar. 2018

This company called both yesterday and today and both times while I tried explaining to the telemarketer that I've been asked to be placed on a do not call list, before I even had the chance to explain this, they hung up on me. This is probably the 10th time in the past few months that we've called and we've repeatedly said that we're not interested and that we'd liked to be placed on the NDNC list. Very rude people and hard to understand as well.

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